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The Vegas Mole

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#1 Connection into the Sharpest Vegas Sports Syndicates

Welcome to the Vegas Mole, your #1 connection into the largest betting syndicates within Las Vegas, Nevada

With my ALL-IN-ONE EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE, you will get access to plentiful premium benefits 🎁

  • Monthly Membership—Automatic Recurring Payments
  • Unlimited access to my sharpest NBA, MLB, CBB, NFL, UFC, Tennis, picks every single day 🔪
  • Unlimited access to daily value focused picks where you receive your picks at 11:45AM and consistently get 1-5 points of closing-line value (CLV) by game start 📊
  • Summarized information on group buys, known bettors, sharp action on all type of action directly from the book group chat 🕵️
  • Opportunity to work with me 1-on-1 to optimize your bankroll management to maximize your risk-to-reward ratio (R:R) 💸
  • Bi-Weekly calls where I explain methodolgy for capping picks so you can become a smarter bettor 📝
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(21 reviews)
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a year ago
One of the most consistent cappers I’ve dealt with. Always gives me plays in a timely manner and is considerate with unit count. Bankroll management is key and most cappers out there don’t know how to manage money.
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a year ago
Sharpest sports betting tips I've seen. This guy will not provide you with wins every day like some frauds on Instagram claim, but he's definitely the 1% who wins long term. Definitely worth the purchase at this price!
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a year ago
Been subbed to Vegas Mole for a while now, one of the most consistent, sharpest cappers out there. The thing I like most is he doesn’t do parlays, and if you have any capper that gives out parlays they are not a real capper. 100% vouch for Mole. Lifetime customer
Why do you sell picks if you're so succcessful?
The sports betting market is extremely deceptive and if you do not start off on the right foot it is very easy to become a degenerate and lose significants amount of money. My aim is to use my success and knowledge to help regular people turn sports betting into a consistent source of passive income through disciplined gambling by taking positive EV picks.
What is your best sport to bet on?
Due to the sheer volume and sample size, MLB is consistently my best sport year over year. However, I am extremely good with capping college basketball and football. NBA is also extremely profitable post all-star break. NFL brings good spots every week when the season is live, but it is not my favorite to handicap. NHL is my least-favorite sport, but when the favorable spots arise I always bet them.
Do you offer refunds?
All sales are final. Refunds may only be granted in the following circumstances: 1) a technical billing error or 2) an accidental purchase of 2 or more subscriptions. Refunds will not be granted to users who forget to toggle off the auto-renewing subscription.
About the seller
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The Vegas Mole
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

21 reviews

I've made a living by betting on sports for over 10+ years. I used to live in Las Vegas where I met many special people and made lasting connections. Now, I leverage those relationships to get access to the sharpest picks on the betting slate every day. I still live in the United States and mainly use couriers to get my action down at in-person books, as well as putting action down on off shore sites such as Rollbit. The most important thing I want to communicate to everybody is that I make my money by betting my picks myself, not by being a consultant. That should be obvious from my record.

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