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The Prop Dealer's Discord

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The Best Sports Betting Community.

πŸ€ Get access to my A.I.'s DAILY NBA projections.

πŸ€‘ My A.I. Models have a proven track record, winning my members tens of thousands of dollars, including a completed $50-$1,000 Challenge during March Madness & a +20,000 parlay.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ I work daily to bring you the very best, most informed bets possible as well as industry-leading A.I. powered projection models to help us beat the books.

πŸ” You'll also unlock access to Bet Club exclusive NBA bets, parlays, SGPs and giveaways.

🀝🏻 Once you're part of my Bet Club you'll always be taken care of. You'll get early access to all future models and massive exclusive discounts.

🧹 Let's clean up.


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Daily Free Picks
Bets across every major sport, daily.
In-Depth Research
I put hours of research into every single bet and I'll always share this.
Betting Models
Not algorithms. Models. The same tools the books use to set their lines except I use them to find mistakes.
Customer Q&A
Q: Is the $50 a one time fee, or a monthly subscription?
A: It's a one time fee for access during March Madness, you won't be charged again after the initial payment!
Asked on Mar 16, 2024
Q: Do you do nba also
A: Yes, I post daily hit rate sheets for NBA!
Asked on Mar 24, 2024
Q: What happens after nba season is over?Does it stop charging your card?
A: Yes you won't be charged once the season ends.
Asked on Apr 7, 2024
Q: For the NBA AI Model is the $40 for the remainder of this season?
A: Correct! It's full access for the rest of the season including playoffs.
Asked on Apr 8, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(20 reviews)
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2 months ago
This person runs one of the few discords/accounts that hit consistently and for FREE without any hassle. They provide the picks and the reasonings with each bet. One of my favorite discords.
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2 months ago
Great community and love the 100% hit rate parlays
User avatar
2 months ago
Always solid!
About the seller
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The Prop Dealer
Sports Picks β€’ Betting Algorithms

20 reviews

Hi everyone, In a world where the books have an advantage on bettors in almost every way imaginable, every edge and angle you can find is invaluable. That's where I come in. For over a decade I've built models using the same technology the sportsbooks use to set their odds and lines... except I use them to find mistakes they've made. After testing and using them myself and seeing them start to get results I decided to start sharing my models with a small group of friends. Then it was time to help even more people so I decided to spread the word further and started my Twitter account which grew to over 50k followers in less than 5 months. My models have now helped thousands of people win more of their bets. By no means to they guarantee you'll win every single bet but at least you know you're betting on something where you have the upper hand on the book and that's exactly what they don't want. In short, I use the same tools the books use to set their odds. But I use them to find poorly priced lines & share them for FREE. 🀝

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