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Trading doesn’t have to feel like gambling. Get immediate access and follow the exact moves an expert trader makes LIVE.

Every day a new trade opportunity, 80% average win rate since program inception.

Master Options Trading by trading live with Scott Stewart and a group of online traders who help each other each step of the way. Whether you’re a beginner curious about options trading, an experienced pro, or planning to someday trade full-time as your day job, this program has something for everyone. Sign up for the first month to experience real-time action, education, and camaraderie! Get our "double your subscription back" if you follow our steps and don't think this is the best trading room online today!

Join our community for this one-of-a-kind educational experience!

$250 monthly (automatic recurring payments). No contract, no risk, and no obligation cancel anytime. Save $500 with an annual subscription, just $2,500 (two months free).

By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Are you a good fit for our Zero Day to Expiration live trading room? Learn more in the video above.

“I have traded with Scott for nearly two years now, and exclusively with him for the past year after trying several programs. Scott’s program is unique and stands alone among the thousands you can try. There is absolutely no program like this. He trades with you all day in real time via Zoom three days a week. You do his trades, which he is doing with his own money alongside you. There is no faking, no puffing of results. And he communicates with you directly, not through “star students” or assistants. Scott is personally committed to your learning and growth as a trader. There is no better place to learn the craft of trading. Whether you want to become a full-time trader and can devote dozens of hours a week to trading, or simply improve your investment earnings in an hour or two per week of trading, Scott’s program will work for you.” Scott D, Park City, Utah

After blowing up my account, I struggled, allowing fear and emotions to rule my trading instead of clear logic. I searched through Facebook and YouTube for help but either found people in situations like mine or I found “get-rich-quick gurus”. I wanted a professional trader with years of experience who could teach me the ins and outs of trading. I found Scott Stewart and again I was hesitant. I continued to watch his YouTube channel and decided to give him a shot for one month. Now, several months into my subscription, I have no doubt that I made the right decision. His knowledge and his demeanor are shaping me into the trader that I want to become. Brenda S, Huntsville, AL

I joined Scott's program about a month ago and have benefited from it massively already. I had some trading experience and had been a member of other trading rooms but was looking for a better strategy and I've certainly found that with Scott. He takes the stress out of trading even when it is not going your way by having a focus on shrewd position sizing allowing you to adjust trades to improve your results in the long run. – Kevin P. U.K.

I first ran across Scott’s name in the course of following Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Poor Dad and was very happy when his name popped up as the lead analyst for two Paradigm Press publications. Those publications quickly became my mainstay trading publications. When I heard of Trade with Scott, I was immediately on board. Scott has a very humble speaking (and writing) style and is able to convey his wealth of trading and market experience in such an effective manner. I find him to be honest and forthright. I cannot recommend him enough. Viking Dan = Daniel S., Norway

While there are no guarantees in trading (or life), the simple response to the question "is the subscription worth the price?" is an emphatic yes! Scott's trading room paid for itself on the first day I was a member, and I have had a growing account every day since. But, I have found the subscription to be much more than just a thrice-weekly 0DTE session with a great return on capital. Its real value is in the knowledge Scott shares throughout the week. From hedging, underlying selection, market sentiment, trade setup, position size, risk management, trader psychology, and so much more, each day is filled with real-world examples of Scott's 30+ years of experience. I highly recommend Scott's trading room and feel lucky I am part of such a great community. – George S.

I have had a long desire to learn how to trade stocks. These programs are exactly what I was looking for because they combine solid trades with an educational component. Scott is a gracious teacher with so much experience I feel like I am finally learning how to make money in the market. Roslyn A.

I was lucky enough to belong to a financial newsletter that Scott Stewart worked for as well. I was new to trading, and understood the basics, but still felt lost most of the time. My first two years with the newsletter had both been losing years and I was to the point of being gun-shy and not even wanting to trade. In the summer of 2019, I came across his recommendations and was intrigued by his different approach. He actually put together a weekly video with new trades and updates on existing trades. This was new and refreshing instead of just reading some copy and then scrolling down to the trade and plugging it into the computer. His calm demeanor and thorough explanation of the trade, the reasons why and finally the actual computer input took all my worries away. I started making money and was exclusively using his trades (in both his publications) by the end of the year. I was ecstatic when I heard he was starting his own group and unquestioningly signed up. Flash forward to today, the days I trade with the group are absolutely enjoyable! I pick and choose which trades to follow depending on my schedule. The banter in the trading chat room is absolutely hilarious at times as we all strive to become better traders. The ability to trade side by side with Scott and the trading room exceeds any and every expectation I could have had. Scott is a voice of reason and experience that proves to be an invaluable mentor. Following Scott's service for the last nine months has without question made me a better trader. I highly recommend "Trading with Scott" to amateur and experienced traders alike. - Steve G.

When I first experienced the 0 DTE SPX trade I fell in love. That love quickly turned into frustration as the strategies I learned before the Trade with Scott program was very binary in nature. You either guessed direction correctly and collected your premium, or guessed incorrectly and were stopped out at 3 times your initial credit loss. Enter the Trade with Scott program. The 0 DTE SPX trade that Scott teaches is a very dynamic trading environment and is built around being able to read what the market is doing, developing a strategy to react to those market movements, and then making the correct adjustments for your trade to be maximally profitable at those market conditions. The 0 DTE trade is no longer binary in nature for me and I don't feel helpless when the market moves against me, as there is always an adjustment to be made. From a financial perspective, my monthly subscription was covered in the very first trade I made in the program, and worth every penny thousand times over. Thank you, Scott! ~~~ Ed Trolio Boardman, Ohio

Make sure to view our disclosures. It is Illegal unless licensed as a fiduciary to give investment advice. https://youtu.be/riI6nVtHv_E

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Customer Q&A
Q: Do you still offer the 7 day free trial?
A: We do! Try0DTEforFree.com
Asked on Jan 30, 2024
Q: I am currently a member for the theta seller community and I just got knocked off the app and I can't get it back
A: Hey Doug. Shoot me an email and lets see what's up.
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Q: ive been kicked off thetasellers web site
A: Hi Doug. Sorry to hear that. Please shoot me an email and we can trouble shoot it.
Asked on May 1, 2024
Q: Do we hold the trades for a few days/ swing trades, or is it in and out the same day?
A: We do it all! We have 0DTE's (Day trades) weekly trades and trades that are monthly's and some that are 90 days. Whatever you are looking for, we have.
Asked on Mar 30, 2024
Customer reviews
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(2 reviews)
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5 months ago
The best discord I ever saw. Scott is not only a very knowledgeable trader, but also very dedicated one to help his subscribers.
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Mark G#0224
5 months ago
I was in Scott's (Thetaseller) 0DTE room and ATM Program for 18 months. Scott does not keep any detailed tracking sheet nor share his P&L results with his members. This is a Big Red Flag that should warn someone to stay away by itself. While Scott does post all his timestamps he repeatedly would close trades saying they were in profit when all one had to do is add up the debits/credits from the timestamps to know this is a lie. He runs his room like a dictator and anyone that calls him out or questions his trades (especially large losses) he kicks them out. Scott has lost over $100K trading 0DTE alone this year. He is not a good trader and all he cares about is continuing the income stream from subscriptions. He routinely lies about returns on his Youtube videos. Please do not trade with Scott
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