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TikTok Shop Affiliate Bot

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The #1 Automated Tiktok Shop Affiliate Messaging Software

Introducing the TikTok Shop Affiliate Bot, your ultimate automated solution for expanding your brand's presence on TikTok Shop through efficient affiliate marketing. This state-of-the-art software automates the process of affiliate outreach, allowing brands to effortlessly send personalized messages to thousands of influencers and potential affiliates daily. With the capacity to dispatch up to 4,000 messages per day, our bot not only maximizes your outreach with unprecedented speed and precision but also significantly cuts down on the costs and time traditionally spent on manual efforts or hiring virtual assistants.

Unique in its offering, the bot supports an unlimited number of TikTok Shops under a single license, catering perfectly to brands overseeing multiple storefronts. Embrace the power of automation to transform your TikTok Shop affiliate marketing strategy, saving time and money while dramatically increasing your effectiveness and reach across the dynamic TikTok Shop marketplace.

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TikTok Shop Affiliate Bot

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One License, Unlimited Shops
With a single license, operate the bot across as many TikTok Shops as you want without restrictions
Cost-Effective Marketing
VA's can cost you thousands of dollars per month. Our bot delivers 500% more output than a VA at a fraction of the cost
Enhanced Outreach Efficiency
Sends up to 4,000 messages daily, expanding your reach and improving the chances of securing more affiliate partnerships
Increased Productivity
Automates messaging to potential affiliates, freeing up time and resources
24/7 Operation
With around-the-clock functionality, the bot ensures your affiliate outreach is active at all times
Customizable Messaging
Offers the flexibility to personalize messages, ensuring they align with your brand's voice
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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17 days ago
I recently tried this software. It helped me get my brand noticed without demanding too much of my time. The customer service is top-notch, which made the experience even better. Initially, I opted for the one-day access to test it out, but the results were pretty impressive that I'm now upgrading to monthly. This truly simplified the process of launching my new brand on TikTok and getting it out there. Highly recommended!
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2 months ago
This thing is solid man.
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2 months ago
Great bot!!! I also had questions and the guys helped me with everything, 5 stars!
How many messages can the bot send per day?
Depending on the filters, the bot can send up to 4,000 messages per day.
Can I use this bot for multiple TikTok shops?
Yes, our license allows for multiple TikTok shop stores use with one license.
Is this bot for Windows or Mac?
The bot is designed for Windows. Mac version may be released in the future if there is demand. However, Mac users have the option to utilize a cost-effective Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) to operate the bot. This solution is also advantageous for Windows users, as it allows the bot to function around the clock without the need to keep their personal computer powered on continuously.
Can the bot target who I can send messages to?
Yes! You can use the same filters in the TikTok Shop Affiliate dashboard for hyper-targeted messaging.
Can this software replace a Virtual Assitant (VA)?
Absolutely, almost all our clients are saving on costs and increasing output with our software. A virtual assistant, costing $6 per hour, might manage to send 500 messages daily over an 8-hour shift. Over a month (if the VA worked every day), this amounts to around $1,440 and 15,000 messages sent. In contrast, our bot's monthly subscription is just $300 and it's capable of dispatching 4,000 messages each day, totalling up to 120,000 messages in a month.
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TikTok Shop Affiliate Bot
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The TikTok Shop Affiliate Bot, is designed to revolutionize affiliate/influencer marketing by automating outreach efforts, enabling businesses to expand their affiliate networks with high precision and efficiency. No more expensive agencies. We address the modern digital marketing challenges by offering a powerful, yet cost-effective tool that surpasses traditional manual outreach methods. This bot operates 24/7, significantly saving time and reducing costs, while boosting outreach capabilities.

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