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Master True Consistency with the #1 Active Trading Room Guru On Wall Street, with over 25+ years of experience πŸ“ˆπŸ’°πŸ‘.

Subscribe monthly to unlock πŸ“… daily LIVE trading sessions, πŸ“š comprehensive education, and lightning quick⚑News Flow πŸ“°. Join a winning community with continuous strategy updates, a FOMO-free environment, and highly actionable watchlists πŸš€.

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Live Trading πŸ’Ή
Daily Watchlists. Daily Live Trading. Daily Live Videos. Daily Education. CONSISTENCY on a DAILY Basis.
No Sugar Coating, No BS.
Approximately 90% of us are consistently profitable. Surround yourself by a community of winners, not just the few!
FASTEST⚑News-Flow On Wall St!
We surpass EVERY other news service on major headlines. It's a bold claim, I know, but you will see it when you join.
Your Success Is My #1 Mission.
Every member of our traderoom.ai family gets my private cell number when you need to talk to someone the most.
Continous Strategy Updates.
The market evolves and so must your strategy. Do NOT fall for the scam that you can do the same strategy always and win.
Zen Environment with 0 FOMO!
We do everything to remove psychological toxicity from our room. This is a MAJOR reason why we succeed consistently!
Exclusive Content
We have been told to have the BEST exclusive member content on Wall Street. You be the judge!
Highly Actionable Watchlists
By far the BEST and MOST Actionable Watchlists on Wall St.
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5 out of 5
(32 reviews)
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5 months ago
Mark is one of the few people who cares about your success more then his own! He puts in more time, and effort to help everyone succeed then I think he should; he does it not just because trading is his passion but because he truly loves all people!
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5 months ago
I am 86 years old. I have been in and out of the markets most of my adult life. I have spent lots of money on investment advice. I think it was in 2007 when I found Mark. He is the real deal. He puts you first. He will work with you when you are struggling. If you follow what Mark is saying, you will make money. You will learn about yourself, and you will learn about the markets. When the market's personality changes, Mark will find a way to trade it. He is the best I have ever seen. No, we are not related.
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5 months ago
Mark Melnick works TIRELESSLY to make sure that every single person in his room is doing as well as possible. He truly cares about the members of his room and treats everybody like family. A lot of people say "treat like family" to describe a lot of people and situations, but I promise nothing is like what Mark Melnick provides, he will give a new meaning to that phrase for you. 6/5 stars, could not recommend more.
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Trading β€’ Stocks

32 reviews

traderoom.ai is built on the foundation of deep psychological insights into day trading, offering strategies that prioritize emotional intelligence and adaptability. We understand the intricacies of market behavior and the psychological challenges traders face. Our approach simplifies trading, focusing on mastering a single strategy to achieve consistent results. By emphasizing risk management and the importance of small, steady gains, we equip traders with the tools for long-term success.

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