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12 days ago
The strategy is very good and Louis explains every concept in a very clear way. This is a very good trading course, i learned a lot of things and it was very very usefull for me. Also, i texted Louis in DM many times to ask questions and there was NO A SINGLE TIME he didnt answer to me to clear my questions, and this is also a very important and professional thing.
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17 days ago
This Strategy and what is taught here is to be honest crazy , have tried someother methods but NOTHING compares to this , it feels like this method is broken cuz of how profitable it is, funded with multiple accounts in just 1 month of starting...INSANE win rate %%%
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21 days ago
After almost a decade of trading and a couple of years of trading ICT having mixed results, periods of consistency, periods of inconsistency, the strategy and consistency I learned from Louis have really sky rocketed my results! I want to thank God for bringing Louis into my life showing me what a consistent strategy, discipline, and patience looks like as a lifestyle and trader.