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Trading Louis

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This all in one course is all you need to kick start your journey to become a profitable trader from scratch!

Unleash the Trader Within You! This trading course is your one-stop solution to dive into the world of trading. Gain insights from a high-yield strategy demonstrating over an 80% win rate. Benefit from the best trading course and enjoy continuous learning and support through 24/7 access to me. Begin your journey to become a successful trader today!

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A complete up to date trading course that has everything you need to trade successfully !
Private Chat 24/7 SUPPORT
I offer support 24/7 through a private chat with my self
I will give updated market reviews about the trading market!
My Trading strategy is proven to have over a 80% win rate, which has got me funded with multiple prop firms
A 4 page document explaining step by step with a checklist on how to trade the Silver Bullet Trade
Customer question & answers
In a 2 min TF bearish trend, I have two FVG, which one should I trade?
The one that is closest to the liquidity that you are targeting has a higher chance of working, but if you are confident in the trade you can take the first FVG and move stop loss to break even once the price action has moved into the other fair value gap. But to be safe use the FVG closest to the Liquidity you are targeting
Answered 1 month ago
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(9 reviews)
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7d ago
I'd been watching louis' streams and videos and also speaking to him and other members in his discord i thought i had a pretty good grasp on his trading concept however i learnt so many small details that i wouldn't have thought of on my own through his course this in turn cut down the amount of losing trades i would've taken. This course is suitable for absolute beginners as he explains absolutely everything. However it is still extremely valuable for people who have more of an understanding but who might just need that small nudge to take them towards profitability. The biggest bonus i see with Louis overall is his willingness to help. If he is awake and you have a question he will reply near instantly and clear up any confusion and answer any of your questions could not ask for a better mentor along this journey to profitability.
Purchased Trading Louis Course 8d ago
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13d ago
These concepts shared are explained in short bite sized lessons that can be revisited over and over again. In a world where content providers assume you understand everything, Louis explains concepts in a way that made sense to me and I understood it. That learning will forever live in my brain when I approach a chart. This is all building blocks leading up to the strategy shared as well. There is recent content that incorporates questions asked by the discord community. I have paid for a different two day course with a thick book full of patterns and this course already surpasses that in a fraction of the time.
Purchased Trading Louis Course 15d ago
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20d ago
After thoroughly exploring various trading courses without finding one that truly resonated with me, I stumbled upon Louis on TikTok, sparking my curiosity. Upon delving into his Discord community and participating in his live sessions for a week, I was immediately captivated. Louis's swift and responsive engagement in both the live chat and direct messages on Discord instilled a sense of confidence in me, convincing me that this was the right community for my trading journey. Louis goes above and beyond to assist in developing profitable trading skills, and I eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this dynamic Discord community and its strategies. His dedication and quick responses have truly set this experience apart, making it a place where I am confident in my pursuit of trading success.
Purchased Trading Louis Course 22d ago
What's your refund policy?
I do not offer refunds once you have purchased the full course you will have access to all of the content forever!
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Trading Louis
Trading • Technical Analysis

9 reviews

I am an ICT Trader who live streams every single day completely for free to my discord, I have been trading for over two years now and I love helping new traders become profitable!

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