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Trading Louis

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This all in one course is all you need to kick start your journey to become a profitable trader from scratch!

Unleash the Trader Within You! This trading course is your one-stop solution to dive into the world of trading. Gain insights from a high-yield strategy demonstrating over an 80% win rate. Benefit from the best trading course and enjoy continuous learning and support through 24/7 access to me. Begin your journey to become a successful trader today!

As well as getting LIFETIME ACCESS to the live streams & LIFETIME ACCESS to the Premium discord !

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A complete up to date trading course that has everything you need to trade successfully !
Private Chat 24/7 SUPPORT
I offer support 24/7 through a private chat with my self
I will give updated market reviews about the trading market!
My Trading strategy is proven to have over a 80% win rate, which has got me funded with multiple prop firms
Access to a amazing community of like minded traders all looking to become the best possible trader that they can become
Customer Q&A
Q: In a 2 min TF bearish trend, I have two FVG, which one should I trade?
A: The one that is closest to the liquidity that you are targeting has a higher chance of working, but if you are confident in the trade you can take the first FVG and move stop loss to break even once the price action has moved into the other fair value gap. But to be safe use the FVG closest to the Liquidity you are targeting
Asked on Jan 22, 2024
Q: In the 1min TF many FVG are created, in what TF and how can I understand if I should take a long one or a short one?
A: It depends on bias, conviction and where your liquidity targets are! If you are unsure on how to master to find these areas of interest then i definitely recommenced the trading course. If there is multiple FVGs on a leg of price action you should change time frame and look for a singular fair value gap in most cases. Sometimes you can take a one minute FVG even if there is lots in a leg! The course explains absolutely everything you need to know !
Asked on Feb 27, 2024
Q: what is the risk and reward ratio in your strategy? thanks
A: Thanks for the question, There is not a fixed RR! I target liquidity in the market sometimes the RR can be 1:5 sometimes can be 1:2 sometimes it can be 1:7 it all depends on what the market is showing and offering when i enter into the market !
Asked on Mar 11, 2024
Q: Hi is this course easy to understand and short simple explanations on how to trade. 😊
A: Yes JTD! The course is very simple and straight to the point! No messing around videos are the perfect length that they need to be to get all the CRUCIAL information !
Asked on Apr 7, 2024
Q: is the course containing your exact strategy that u trade on livestream or only basics of ict and we should
A: Yes the course contains absolutely everything you need to know to trade my strategy profitably! It is also beginner friendly so if you are unfamiliar with ICT concepts you can get a good understanding inside of the course before learning the specific strategy!
Asked on Apr 9, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(20 reviews)
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8h ago
I have been failing for years looking for something that worked for me. I finally found it. It's a simple strategy once you understand liquidity to use for these set ups. The frustration is gone, the confidence is there now. Stop looking for every new thing out there. Get this training, join the group! Let's crush this! Generational wealth in the making!
11h ago
I recently switch over to futures starting 2024 and I gotta say the Louis course helped me succeed in the markets.This is the best strategy I’ve learned not only did it help me become a better trader, since I learned this strategy I have been funded 5 times with it.Thank you Louis for helping us become better traders. :)
User avatar
3d ago
So coming across Louis on socials i joined his Discord to see what his live streams where like, i found it very helpful just to even read what other traders questions whiles Louis answers it best as possible, having done previous courses this is by the far the game changer strategy as i was complete clueless to trading up & down candles & it now just make all other Strategy confusing & less reliable. This course taught the Ground 0 & Up of trading this strategy & Basics (What is a Candle) but what i found that's most important is the live stream Mon-Fri with the guys as if you can improve even just 1% everyday that experience adds up. This Course & Streams has already changed my life i can finally see the path into trading instead of a Gamble. Neil aka Fortis “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin -
What's your refund policy?
I do not offer refunds once you have purchased the full course you will have access to all of the content forever!
About the seller
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Trading Louis
Trading • Technical Analysis

20 reviews

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I am an ICT Trader who live streams every single day completely for free to my discord, I have been trading for over two years now and I love helping new traders become profitable!

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