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Connecting Creators & Brands

Unleash Your Creative Potential Connect with creators and brands alike in our niche-specific communities. Gain exclusive access to over 900 brand contacts and valuable resources such as contract templates, e-mail pitching guides, portfolio templates, and more. Engage with our vibrant community to collaborate, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. With job postings from top brands and feedback from premium creators, you'll fuel your creativity and growth. Enjoy member-specific partnerships and offers, and the chance to be spotlighted for more exposure! Your pathway to success in the content creation world starts here!

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Brand Job Postings:
Access job postings from brands looking for talented creators like you.
Resources Section:
Over 900 brand contacts, sample contracts, invoice templates, pitch emails, portfolio templates, ChatGPT prompts & more.
Showcase your individual work under a niche section for easy brand collaboration.
A vibrant community to share experiences, collaborate, & build valuable relationships with other creators & brands.
Get the support you need to start or scale your UGC business in the content creation world.
Receive feedback from premium creators and brands to elevate your content.
Featured Creator:
Each month, one creator is spotlighted for extra exposure to the community.
Exclusive Offers:
Access partnerships, resources, and offers tailored for our members.
Customer Q&A
Q: Looking for a discord with good creators who are looking for Brand Deals. How many creators do you have in there?
A: Hey! 218 creators in the group this far!
Asked on Apr 16, 2024
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5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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2 months ago
This is the perfect UGC community! It has connected me with so many like minded creators, and also has so many resources to help me with my UGC journey. From templates to pitches everything you need to start your UGC journey is right here!
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2 months ago
UGC Plug is a great community filled with networking, resources, and job opportunities. So much valuable information! Great place to get feedback on your portfolio, learn how pitch, and share work. Highly recommend!
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2 months ago
The group has been great so far. Tons of resources and networking, this group help me a lot everyday
Q: What resources are available in the premium group?
A: Our premium group offers a wide range of resources, including a brand contact list with over 900 contacts, sample contracts, portfolio templates, invoice templates, email pitch scripts, ChatGPT prompts and more. All these resources are located in the premium-resources section.
Q: How can I access job postings from brands?
A: As a premium group member, you'll have access to job postings from brands and businesses looking for talented creators like you. This can help you stay ahead of the game and find your next big project.
Q: What is a showcase, and how can I create one?
A: A showcase is a dedicated section where you can display your previous work under a specific niche. You can create one by adding your projects to the showcases section and linking your full portfolio for easy access by potential collaborators.
Q: How can I network with other creators and brands?
A: You can connect with a vibrant community of creators and brands by sharing experiences, collaborating on projects, and building long-lasting professional relationships through our networking platform.
Q: Can I receive feedback on my content?
A: Yes, our premium group offers content critiques where you can receive constructive feedback from fellow premium creators and brands to help elevate your content.
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UGC Plug
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A community that brings creators and brands together. Enjoy collaboration, premium UGC business resources, networking and more.

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