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Unbeatable Odds🔒

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New Form Second Income Betting (50% Discount This Month on Premium)🌎


Current Win Rate: 74% (Updated 5/11/24)

We have 5 World-Class Gamblers turned Sports Consultants who all specialize in different sports and have a combined 1,371,000$+ earnings. Which is growing by the day. We have a new way of handicapping that is much more profitable than all other forms of income sports betting for only 9.99$ a month.

When betting with 5-8+ picks a day like most handicapping websites do you are getting, with the best in the business, around 57% win rates. Leaving you a 7% profit margin, which works slowly and over a long period of time. But, with our new way of betting we have come to realize that there is a much better way to do this and is how 4 of us have made our earnings and is now what all 5 of us do. Our way of betting is by doing 1 pick a day with 1/6 of your chosen bankroll (total amount of money your willing to bet with), which with our current average of a 70-75% win rate proves to become very profitable. Being consistent with multiple bets a day has been proven to be close to impossible. Yet getting right 1 bet a day has proven to be a very viable option. After each win with your 1/6 you will then be betting the next 1/6 with your new bankroll amount, and vise versa if you lose any given day. If, which has not yet happened, we manage to lose 5 in a row, firstly we will fully refund your subscription by DM'ing us through instagram if you wish. Then you will take that 1/6 and start betting 1/4 of it until you are back to 3/5 of original bankroll. Then proceed back to normal 1/6 betting.

Lock of the Week, Month, and Year is either purchasable for the entire year at a huge discount, or the day of the pick it will be avaliable for 1 day access and if the pick does not win you will get your money back. Lock of the Week costs 4.99$. Lock of the Month's cost 9.99$ each. Lock of the Year's cost 24.99$ each, again only pay if you win. Also, it is important to note that the “Free Pick of The Day” on our social media’s are the backup picks for each day and are not our most agreed-upon bets, but are there for you to practice with and to build your trust in our product.

We also have a 14 day free trial that you can cancel anytime because we know for a fact that our product works and that you will more than likely almost, or more than, double your bankroll in that 2 weeks time. The best part is that you can make all this money while only taking 2 minutes out of your day to see our pick and place it with your 1/5 of bankroll. We make it all so cheap because we are new to Whop and want to build your trust in our product. So hop on the train while its still so cheap!!

  • Sean: Specializes in NBA, NCAAB (400,000$ Earnings) |23 years old

  • Jacob: Specializes in NHL, MLB (243,000$ Earnings) |31 years old

  • Nate: Specializes in NFL, NBA (521,000$ Earnings) |25 years old

  • Kyle: Specializes in Soccer, Tennis (94,000$ Earnings) |19 years old

  • Caleb: Specializes in Soccer, NHL, NBA (113,000$ Earnings) |26 years old

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Unbeatable Odds

100% Profit Guarantee
If we ever lose 4 in a row, DM us on Instagram and You Will Get Your Subscription Money Back
The Lock of The Day Daily
Access to the Best Pick Possible Every Single Day That is most Agreed-Upon between the 5 of Us
60-98% Cheaper Than Contendors
Cheaper Than Any Other Betting Insights Around
80% Win Rate Average
These Numbers Speak for Themselves when compared to the 5-12 Picks Most Handicappers Do Leaving You With a 57% Win Rate
14 Day Free Trial
We Trust In our Product So Much that you will make money we Give You a 2-week free trial That Can be Canceled Anytime
2 Minutes Out Of Your Day
By Looking At Our Pick of the Day and Placing It With Your 1/5 Bankroll You Will Be Seemingly Making Money In Your Sleep
Optimal Bankroll Management
By following Advised Ways of Betting, You Will Optimize Your Winning and Minimize Your Losing Risk
All Picks Tracked & Documented
Every Pick Ever Will Be Fully Documented and Shared at Request Through DM
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Customer reviews
4.79 out of 5
(19 reviews)
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4 days ago
Love this telegram! I got the 2 week free trial and I went up literally 100% bankroll in those 2 weeks
User avatar
12 days ago
Hitting bet after bet after bet !!! Sports betting is way better when your always in the right side!
User avatar
14 days ago
The telegram always has a solid pick everyday and tells you exactly how much you should be betting
How Do I Access The Telegram?
After Purchasing, You Will Claim Access to the Telegram Channel on the Order Page.
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Unbeatable Odds
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

19 reviews

Many Years of Experience Between the 5 of Us Within the Sports Betting Industry (New to Selling on Whop.com)

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