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Welcome to usagainsthebooks! A transparent sports betting Discord 24/7 access to Sports picks analysts, Premium members-only community

Friendly community with 1 on 1 help with sports betting!

What we Offer at
usagainsthebooks⤵️ Daily Sports Picks:

◦ NBA 🏀

◦ NFL 🏈

◦ CBB 🏀

◦ NHL 🏒


◦ MLB ⚾

2 FULL TIME Sports Analysts: 📈

◦ Fully Transparent Results

24/7 Support:💬

◦ Guaranteed response within at least 6 hours ⁠📞︱customer-support

Regular Giveaways!: 💸

◦ Access to giveaways

Watch Parties: 📺

◦ You'll get access to live stream games were members can join and watch favorite sports team


◦ Members only chat were members can send their favorite picks and talk with betting experts

Voice Chat 🎙️

◦ Discussions on picks and our discord

🧠 Everything listed above is included in the membership.

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Sports Picks
Transparent community that helps with picks daily, and helps in discord. We want the best experience for our community.
2 FULL TIME Sports Cappers
◦ Fully Transparent Results ◦ Tracked Win rate off over 60 percent
24/7 Support
Access to open tickets for any questions, 1 on 1 Calls, Support and much more.
Access to giveaways
Watch Partys
You'll get access to live-stream games where members can join and watch their favorite sports team.
Vip Chat
Members only chat were members can send favorite picks and talk
Voice Chat
Discussions on picks and discord
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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a month ago
Always on point! Money making opportunities you're following their tips. Not even expensive to join, and can make the money back easy.
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a month ago
The way these guys dissect the games and only pick the best games to place a bet on is unreal ! 2nd to none by far in the market. Highly recommend if you want to be +money end of week !
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a month ago
The best of the best right here guaranteed to make your money back!!!!
When do plays typically get sent out? I'm on Brussels time so 6hours later than EST. Thanks
We send plays out before the games sometimes earlier in the day depends on line movement or in case someone isn’t playing which is very important. But you usually will get a notification when we give out a play whether it’s early or a few hours before the game.
About the seller
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

5 reviews

At USAgainstheBooks, we are more than your average sports betting Discord community. We live by the values of transparency and camaraderie.our community is treated to expert picks on a daily basis. But what truly sets us apart is our emphasis on open dialogue and member involvement. We provide 24/7 access to our premium member-only community where discussions on picks and discord are commonplace. Our members also enjoy exclusive access to live-streamed games and can open tickets for questions, suggestions, and any support they might need. Further engaging our members, we offer 1-on-1 calls and support to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Join us today at USAgainstheBooks and become part of a community that cares - for the sport and for each other.

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