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VAULT will help you generate profits in various departments with the assistance of our specialized experts. Our staff consists of experienced members who are experts in what they do. We offer weekly calls that allow you to generate profits every day and diversify your investments. We are a highly exclusive group, currently limited to 100 members. 500K+ profit have been realized in the past few months. All members get access to exclusive informations/tips, personalized support and in-house built tools helping them to maximise their profit.

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You will get access to unique information, for every profitable EU & US ticket releases as well as personalized support.
Ticket Monitors
We currently have monitors that support EU & US regions. Our team will ping you whenever there is an important restock
While NFTs have become less & less profitable, there are still low-key profitable opportunities being called in VAULT
Hidden Gems, Long-Term or Short-Term calls, scalping & shitcoins: We have it all.
We provide every information on profitable sneaker releases: From anticipated releases, restocks, to shock drops.
https://app.bet-analytix.com/bankroll/977872. Numbers speak better than words. The link is updated every month.
Alcohol can be very profitable. We provide all raffle & FCFS to get your hands on the best bottles on the market.
Random Resell
We cover other Random Resell profitable releases that don't fall in our categories, such as watches, clothes, luxury...
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(5 reviews)
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10 months ago
Staff and members are really great and helpful it’s very cool
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10 months ago
really great group
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Léon Ξ#9703
10 months ago
I didn't knew nothing about ticket selling, and only a few week after I joined Vault I was already making thousands. I highly recommend joining Vault
Why should I join VAULT ?
Believe it or live it. For only 49.99, We guarantee that VAULT members will have a LOT of opportunities to make their money back and hundreds if not thousands on top. Some of our members already made 10 years worth of subscription in profit in ONE single month. What are you waiting for ? Stop wasting your time and start making money.
How can I enter VAULT ?
Join the waitlist and wait for your application to be accepted. Only the best applications will be successful
Will I get charged when I join the waitlist ?
No, VAULT will only charge you if your application is successful. Spots are limited and application are not guaranteed to be successful
I am new to reselling. Can I still join VAULT ?
Of course, we offer step-by-step guides for all categories and 24/7 custom support in our discord server. Our community is based on mutual help, you can ask for help at any time in the discord.
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5 reviews

VAULT is more than a brand, it's a unique community based on mutual help. Join our amazing ticket reselling community NOW. We are the best ticket/reselling group out there. Our members secured $500K+ in profit over the past few months thanks to our unique tips, techniques & tools. Dry ticket period ? No worries, we cover every profitable reselling realm such as NFTs, Crypto, Sneakers & Random Resell (watch, alcohol, collectibles, Luxury, Deals, Betting & more… )

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