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Strategies, behind the scenes, PDF’s, true value given directly to you. This broadcast will be the best FREE value you’ll receive on the internet.

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Take ecom advice from mentors who've done $10 million dollars in revenue.
Video Library
24+ hours of recorded Zooms, lesson plans, and much more.
Weekly Private AMA's
Every week we host a group meeting answering all questions.
24/7 Support
We will answer you questions at any time.
You will get access to Aaron Grants's community on Telegram
Customer Q&A
Q: What do I actually get when I'm purchasing?
A: So when joining our $50 per month community you get access to weekly calls, 24+ hours of recorded trainings, access to all of the strategies we use, also get direct contact to all the connections you need. Last but least, you'll be apart of an amazing community.
Asked on Sep 22, 2023
Customer reviews
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(6 reviews)
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10 months ago
I’ve been in venture for a little over a year now and love it. Aaron is a great mentor and also a great person. I’ve learned many great skills from him and love the community!
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10 months ago
I'm speechless! I was extremely skeptical about joining this community at first, but the moment I became a part of it, my entire perspective changed. The “Venture X Blackhat’s” is not a collection of useless tutorial videos; it's a dedicated and passionate community where everyone inside of it is becoming better and better every day together. OG members who've been crushing it are very down to earth; they answer any question you might possibly have. The hospitality inside this community is just on another level. I'm glad that I joined it.
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10 months ago
I recently joined Aaron’s e-commerce community and it has been a transformative experience. This isn’t just a course; it’s a vibrant, active community of like-minded individuals who are committed to helping each other succeed in the e-commerce space. One of the standout features is the accessibility to Aaron himself. It’s incredibly valuable to be able to text or call him directly with questions, and he’s consistently responsive and insightful with his advice. His leadership sets the tone for the whole community, fostering a collaborative and positive environment. The collective knowledge of this group is astounding. From beginners to seasoned pros, there is a wide range of experience, and members are always willing to share their insights, strategies, and tips for success. The one-time fee to join this community has been worth every penny. It’s rare to find such a supportive and knowledgeable group of people in one place, all guided by a leader as experienced and approachable as Aaron. Thank you Aaron Thank you Team
What will I learn?
During this unparalleled journey, where we will unlock the precise strategies that catapulted our brands to astonishing 8-figure success on Shopify. We will divulge the coveted secrets behind our marketing prowess, business tactics, sourcing top-notch suppliers, crafting irresistible offers, conducting effective product research, and revealing undisclosed information that has remained confidential until now. Prepare to gain access to the genuine insights that have propelled us to the pinnacle of success. Don't miss this unique opportunity to uncover the true secrets and take your entrepreneurial endeavors to extraordinary heights.
Is this coaching a good fit for anyone?
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player in the e-commerce space, we have meticulously crafted this community is to be a one-size-fits-all experience. Our aim is to provide valuable insights for beginners to learn and grow, while also offering substantial value to seasoned veterans, enabling them to scale their current operations to new heights. No matter where you are on your e-commerce journey, this event promises to deliver actionable knowledge and transformative strategies for everyone. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to elevate your e-commerce endeavors, regardless of your experience level.
What is the success rate?
Everybody who has put their full effort into applying our strategies has seen success. If you're sitting back not putting in the effort don't expect to succeed.
Why is Aaron trustworthy?
Just read the reviews or look at the results. Aaron has also been in the e-commerce industry for 7 years so he has seen all the other fake gurus come and go.
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The go to community for anything e-commerce related, coaching, trainings, and live sessions. We create winners within our environment. Founded 2020.

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