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Learn to Make Lucrative Deals

When You Hear of the Really Quiet People Making Over $250,000 Per Year, Here’s What They Do…

Every day, week, month or year, someone is quietly banking a huge sum of money for doing something that many others are not involved in online. While the online IM crowd goes one way, these souls do nothing remotely connected to internet marketing or any other regular online activity. Yet, they do much less work and make far, far more money than many online entrepreneurs.

This is the Lite version of the full course and it is designed to introduce you into a world of deal making which you most probably have not been exposed to before.

Go through this Lite version before you proceed onto the full course.


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Online course

Contract Commander Lite

Contract Management
Access my video instruction in the member's area
Do it Yourself
Learn to live quietly and make thousands upon thousands of dollars without gimmicks or advertising
Be Different
Move away from the online herd and join me doing what no one else is doing
Be a Dealmaker
Learn to strike deals with relative ease
Learn to negotiate with buyers and suppliers
Take Advantage
Find out how brokers can help you
Master Technicalities
Understand the technicalities of documentation, terms and payments
Walk through a complete deal with me from scratch to completion and see the result
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a month ago
I went through just a bit of this course and although I consider myself to be Internet savvy, this course just gave me something else to think about.
How long have you been in this business?
My company has been in operation since 2003 but I have been working in the international trade business (as a CM).
Won't you be my competition?
No, we will be helping each other if you happen to deal in the same products I do.
Do you need to pay a fee to access the buyer and supplier list or database?
My course teaches you a way to circumvent that fee initially, until you make your first deal. Then you can pay their fee
Will I be cold calling or spamming buyers?
You will contact buyers who have already asked for large quantities of a particular item. They will be happy to talk.
Are there any restrictions on location when conducting this business?
It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go.
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1 review

When You Hear of the Really Quiet People Making Over $250,000 Per Year, Here’s What They Do…

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