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The Maverick of Baccarat

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Professional Baccarat Training and Coaching

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Maverick of Baccarat

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You'll get phone/Zoom access to The Maverick for help anytime.
Comprehensive Online Training
Instant access to online courses with study material and video content. One on One Training available.
Download Scorecards
Download Maverick's scorecards to use at your local casino.
Includes 20 "shoe reviews"
Maverick will analyze your charting and help overcome obstacles in your learning in a one-on-one setting.
FREE Telegram Channel
Stay up to date on live play sessions, ask questions, join in the fun.
Live Online Simulator Access
4 weeks of access to live online simulator. Practice on a real online table using a sim video feed with a live dealer.
Proven Results
Maverick has profitable live play data back to 2017, including Casinos outside of the United States and online.
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(2 reviews)
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8 months ago
"The maverick of Baccarat" has changed my Life forever...I have recovered 5 times the amount i paid for this course on my 1st weekend @ the Casino. I was able to learn the whole course in about 2 weeks all thanks to 'The Maverick of Baccarat' for the exceptional...outstanding...undivided support & attention and encouraging me all thru the learning process. If you are serious and intend to 'Conquer Baccarat' ... This is it ! Look no further...You will thank yourself (& of course 'The Maverick of Baccarat').
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1 year ago
I met Maverick at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas and I had no idea what he was doing but I won more money on that trip with him than I have ever won before.  We kept in touch, and he shared his Baccarat Blueprint course with me.  I reviewed all the lessons and videos and have been practicing at home online, ready for some live play.  Thank you Maverick, your course and strategy is like nothing I have ever seen before.
Can I become a fulltime professional baccarat player after learning your system?
If my primary objective were solely to make a sale, without considering the consequences, I would emphatically respond with "YES!" to this question. However, the reality is that not everyone possesses the personality or temperament required to thrive as a full-time casino player, regardless of the game they choose to play. Therefore, the most truthful answer I can provide is a nuanced one: "Yes and No." This is because the question at hand is a multifaceted one that involves numerous considerations. If you were an automated entity, impervious to boredom, carelessness, distractions, smoke-induced discomfort, fatigue, irritation from dealers or other players, frustration from consecutive losses, or the allure of excessive betting, then I would confidently say that, with my training, you could indeed sustain a livelihood as a full-time player. However, let's delve into some practical aspects of the real world. Would you genuinely enjoy visiting the casino 5-7 days a week, given that it would now be your occupation? When your sole source of income relies on winning at the casino, an added sense of urgency and pressure to succeed emerges. Pressure and stress can complicate success in any line of work. Hence, I consistently discourage new students, particularly younger ones, from immediately pursuing the goal of turning professional. Certain students of mine eventually transition into full-time players after developing unwavering trust in my training, which stems from playing in the casino under diverse circumstances. They reach a point where they genuinely relish the entire casino environment and experience, unable to envision any other occupation that offers the freedom and flexibility that baccarat provides. However, this evolutionary process can take months or even years to unfold. To conclude, possessing a robust winning system is merely a fraction of the equation that determines one's potential as a professional player. While it holds utmost importance, it merely serves as the initial stepping stone in this journey. I am available to discuss this question with you, both before and after you become my student, should you require further clarification.
I have bought a lot of other gambling systems and none of them worked ... what makes yours different?
Yes, I hear you. I lost count of how many overpriced, totally worthless gambling systems I have purchased starting with horse racing in the 1990’s to blackjack, roulette, craps and finally baccarat. They all promised the moon but I always ended up in the financial gutter. Another key difference between me and other system sellers is that I only have ONE system. I do not have multiple systems. It is the same system for all my students and the Top Gun Course contains the same exact information as the 1 on 1 Training Program. At one time, my unit size was $100 or more. When I was done buying systems, I was reduced to making just $5 bets (I would have to find a $10 minimum table and “offset $15… betting on banker… and $10 on player to make that $5 bet on banker). Slowly, I was able to increase my unit size out of winnings and now, I am back to betting any size unit I want. As I said on my YouTube video, 99% of other system sellers and I use the term “system” charitably…consist of the most elementary (simple) BS or MM (Bet Selection and Money Management). . More “systems” are based on what I call suicidal MM progressions like the Martingale which requires you to chase losing bets with exponentially larger bets until you finally catch a winner. These betting schemes can win well over 90% of the betting series when you use them…some as high as 98%+ if you are will to risk enough money. The small percentage of losing progressions will, however, TOTALLY destroy your bankroll. One of my students from California, told me a horror story of paying a thousand dollars for the worst negative progression (any time bets go up after a loss) I had ever heard about. The bets were to keep increasing after losing until the final bet of 140 UNITS! That means he had lost 139 units on the way to that last bet. The first time he tried it, he lost the last bet and a total of 279 units! That would have been bad enough if the units were $10 or even $25 but they were $100 units!!! meaning he lost $27,900 in just one shoe. The second main category all other systems fall into which is different from mine is that they require way too much “personal judgement.” That means, there is not a fixed set of rules telling you what the BS actually is. They give you some guidelines and then you are on your own. Now that you know a little more about what my system is not, I will tell you what it is and what makes it different. First, my system is not simple. Simple simply does not win long term. I have come up with a very detailed BS technique which requires my student to make their own customized baccarat score cards to be able to track the decisions on the table before “converting” the banker/player decisions into a unique “data stream” which is followed in 3 separated betting “filters’’ or “columns.” I do not (with one exception), like all the other players at the table, use the banker/player decisions directly for my MONEY bets on the table. It normally takes me 12-15 decisions in a new shoe until I have enough “data” to start making bets.
What is the bankroll needed to play your system?
I rarely loose 3 shoes in a row, 10 units per shoe. A 100 unit bankroll would be sufficient
How long does it take to learn your system?
This is a tough questions with many variables, and many milestones. I would allocate 1 to 2 hours per lesson, approximaly 10-20 hours of study and practice at home before live casino play. Each person will progress at different speeds and I'm always here to help.
After I pay for your course, are there going to be any "up-sells"?
The are NO upsells or extra fees.
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The Maverick of Baccarat
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I have dedicated my life to beating the casinos at their own game. Being raised the son of a professional blackjack player, I grew up immersed in the world of casinos from an early age. Our family vacations in the 80's were often spent in Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas, where I would eagerly watch the casino's in-house television channel, learning about the various table games they offered. This early exposure sparked my fascination which I knew would last a lifetime. From a young age, I delved into studying the game of blackjack. I devoured popular books, mastered basic strategy, and honed my skills and deviations with the high-low count, achieving mastery by the time I turned 18. However, by the age of 19, I had already been banned from nearly every Indian casino within a 100-mile radius of my home. It became clear to me that relying solely on card counting was not a sustainable approach. I embarked on diverse ventures, exploring different paths to attain financial success. My lifelong dedication has been centered around mastering the art of extracting money from casinos without arousing suspicion or being asked to leave, a journey fraught with trial and error. Over the years, I have experimented with numerous systems, but with minimal success. It wasn't until I received training in the baccarat system that this site is based on that my life truly transformed. This breakthrough allowed me to build a solid bankroll, and play a table game with high limits and play without drawing unwanted attention or casino scrutiny. Unlike blackjack, the playing conditions in baccarat differ significantly. I'm an active player, with lots of experience on the felt. Follow my lead, or participate in group online play sessions where you can shadow and play along side the Maverick online. My goal is to empower you to become a successful baccarat player. Maverick