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Pandez Guard is a Discord security bot that protects your community from bot raids and other unpleasant bot interactions with it's advanced verification system and server locking capabilities.

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Twitter requirement

  • Require members to follow a Twitter account to verify
  • Extra external verification method to help reduce potential bot/fake accounts joining
  • Safe, read-only connection
  • Members can remove the connection at any time

Fake bot/impersonator detection

  • Advanced filter list
  • Automatically bans joining members with names that violate the filter list
  • Automatically bans existing members with names that violate the filter list
  • Scan for members that match a specific filter
  • Allow team/staff members to bypass the filter list

Advanced prune options

  • Kick/ban members that join with a default profile picture
  • Kick/ban members that join with a recently created account

Multiple access codes

  • Add up to 25 access codes that can be used simultaneously
  • Get access to the Code Manager panel in /status

Optional roles

  • Claimable optional roles built-in to the verification flow
  • Set up claimable ping, age, language roles and more
  • Send the optional roles panel to a specific channel for members to change their roles freely

Custom messages

  • Set a fully configurable custom verification message
  • Set a fully configurable custom waiting room message

Unlimited logs in /audit logs

  • Bypass the 5 log restriction of the /audit logs command
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