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Helping members benefit from +EV plays.

This product is for people who want to get access to +EV betting on a wide range of sports books. Covers promos and boosts from 10+ sports books ( ESPNBET, Bet365, Betrivers, MGM, Fanatics, targeted promos on DK,FD,CZR, and more) and PrizePicks. All of these boosts and promos will be delivered in our private Discord server. You also get early access to all twitter picks. Prizepicks is now up 72.8 units on a 0-1 unit scale, Dinger Tuesday is up $2,070.6 for unlimited people, $1,034.34 for limited people. Dinger Tuesday is included in this tier

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+EV Picks
Daily +EV Picks, Sportsbook promos, and odds boosts.
Customer Q&A
Q: I’ve paid but am getting no information from you. What’s the scoop with that? Nothing in my inbox or posts.
A: hi can you dm me on twitter and well figure it out. When you sign up you should be directed to a place to "claim all roles"
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Q: I’m interest in joining. Just wanted to know if it make sense to join the group if I come from Europe(Germany)or is the group specialized on US only?
A: Hi thank you for your interest but it does not make sense to join from Germany
Asked on Sep 19, 2023
Q: Is there a page that walks you through how to set up my discord? I never truly set it up and wish to take better advantage of my account
A: Hey go to #sgpguystarthere up at the top. New members are directed to that channel and itll help you set your roles etc. Let me know if you have any questions afterwards.
Asked on Dec 10, 2023
Q: Can you also clarify what additional picks you receive beyond Twitter for $20 membership?
A: Besides for early access to the twitter plays there is ESPN, MGM, Betrayers, Bet365, Prizepicks and targeted DK/FD/CZR plays in the $20 membership. The $49 membership includes +EV SGPS that are not connected to promos or boosts
Asked on Apr 4, 2024
Q: Is dinger Tuesday included in 20$ discord?
A: Yes
Asked on Apr 16, 2024
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4.88 out of 5
(34 reviews)
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3 months ago
the best!
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3 months ago
Original plays. Wide range of sports to choose from. Tracks everything. One of the best discords out there.
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Ziaire Williams fan account#3517
4 months ago
this man is a genius
What Sportsbooks do you alert?
ESPNBET, Bet365, Betrivers, MGM, Fanatics, targeted promos on DK,FD,CZR, PrizePicks and more.
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Sports Picks • General

34 reviews

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The Promoguy is a group that helps members benefit from +EV opportunities via promos/odds boosts. This includes boosts/promos analysis/picks from nearly all sportsbooks (including Dinger Tuesday), Tacobot, Birdman's picks, and more! All notifications will be sent via Discord after purchase.