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3 months ago
A little bit expensive
Purchased 8 months ago
What is reshipping?
Reshipping refers to forwarding an item to a new destination after it has been shipped. Reshipping companies help simplify cross-border shipping by receiving packages, repackaging them if necessary, and sending them to the new destination. Ideal for businesses looking to manage shipments more efficiently and save costs.
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Reship Colony
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Reship Colony is your gateway to international markets. Our innovative web-based platform provides re-ship and reselling solutions, making it easier than ever to manage your cross-border logistics and grow your business. With access to over 50 private residential addresses in 40+ countries, you can now expand your reach and tap into new markets. Our platform features a user-friendly dashboard that makes it simple to manage your cross-border transactions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every item you ship is re-packed and re-sent quickly and securely, all at the best rate available. Join the Reship Colony community and take your business to new heights.