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(45 reviews)

The ultimate trading tool to help you gain an edge in the markets.

SimpleAlgo is a premium and simple-to-use tool for beginner traders that have little to no experience with technical analysis.

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SimpleAlgo.io V2, SimpleAlgo.io V1

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Beginner Friendly Trading Platform

Real Time Buy and Sell Alerts
Non-repainting buy and sell chart signals designed to help you enter and exit the market with precision
Support and Resistance Lines
Automatic support and resistance chart detection, showing you demand and supply zones.
Moving Average Cloud
Moving average and volatility cloud that provide retracement opportunities and take profit areas
Stop Loss & Take Profit Levels
Automatic stop loss and take profit recognition that help conserve losses and maximize gains
Customer question & answers
Do you have to have a premium account on trading view to use this
No you can use a free account!
Answered 6 months ago
I’m new to trading how does it work for you on trading platforms, and is there any install?
It works on tradingview.com which is free and simple to use!
Answered 6 months ago
If i buy the simple algo how much time need to get and are working only in trading view??
You can install it as soon as you purchase under the perks section on whop?
Answered 6 months ago
Can it be used in India?
Yes of course!
Answered 6 months ago
So once I buy it it's mine and no monthly payment
That's right! It's a one time payment for lifetime access.
Answered 6 months ago
It can be use for India stock market
Yes it works for all securities that are on Tradingview.com. That includes the stock, crypto, and forex markets.
Answered 6 months ago
If I put the wrong username that isn't on tradingview the indicator won't work?
No problem! You can create a support ticket in our support discord and we'll resolve your issue!
Answered 6 months ago
Doe’s simple algo works with binance
It works with a free Tradingview.com account. You can use Tradingview to view charts and then use Binance to trade.
Answered 6 months ago
I got charged but I still don’t have platform. What should I do?
Make sure you open a support ticket in our support discord! The discord is linked at the bottom of this page.
Answered 6 months ago
Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(45 reviews)
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10d ago
working very good!
Purchased SimpleAlgo Pass 2 months ago
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14d ago
w indicator fr
Purchased SimpleAlgo Pass 14d ago
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15d ago
The indicator is amazing I've been using it since it came out cannot thank the owner more for his product!
Purchased SimpleAlgo Pass 15d ago
How do I set it up?
Setting up SimpleAlgo is a very simple process. After purchase, you will be able to install the indicator by inputting your TradingView username under the perks section after purchase. Please make sure you are using the correct TradingView username. If your indicator does not appear under your invite only scripts in your indicator tab, please join the support discord and create a support ticket.
Does it work for the free version of Tradingview?
Yes! SimpleAlgo works perfectly with the free version of Tradingview
Does it work on all markets and timeframes?
Yes, you can use SimpleAlgo on any market and any time frame.
What if I don't receive the indicator?
If you don't receive the indicator after inputting your TradingView username, please open a support ticket in the support discord.
About the seller
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45 reviews

SimpleAlgo is a premium trading indicator which includes many features designed to help traders analyze the markets smarter.