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Smoke on the right pack..

Welcome to SMOKIN FNF, your premier destination on Discord for all things related to reselling and exclusive deals.

At SMOKIN FNF, we pride ourselves on fostering a sense of familial camaraderie among our members. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive range of services we offer, tailored to elevate your reselling experience. Our suite of services encompasses cutting-edge features including deals monitors, price error notifications, a sophisticated Chipotle bot, an advanced food bot, and proprietary in-house bots designed for retail local inventory checks, among numerous other invaluable resources.

Dedicated to continuous enhancement, we persistently refine and expand our offerings to provide our members with unparalleled advantages.

Elevate your journey today by becoming a part of SMOKIN FNF. Embark on a transformative path and redefine your reselling potential.

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Target Flips
We provide you with flips you can use your Target Sauce with to maximize your profits.
Secret Target Sauce
Get items discounted from Target.com. Only available to FNF members.
Collaborative Community
Our community is based on the principles of FAMILY. No one gets left behind.
Lowkey Flips
We provide everything from the little things to the BIG drops. You will not miss a thing.
Retail & Shopify Monitors
24/7 Access to retailer and shopify monitors.
Price Match Monitors
We have monitors that alert users when new prices for items have dropped. This allows users to get a head start.
In House Bots
We have our own developed bots such as nike instore, target inventory checker, food bot, and deal monitors.
Food Bot
HEAVILY DISCOUNTED UBER EATS!!! PAY $5-$7 for $25 of food. We also have a food bot generator that supports over 30+ site
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(10 reviews)
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5 months ago
Very resourceful group, lots of valuable information. Being in the group for just two days, already made a couple profitable flips, very excited to be here!
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1 year ago
Devs are all super responsive - info is on point - been in other premium groups - these guys have not only their info, but other ways to make money
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1 year ago
This group has everything from shoes, to retail, to free/discounted flips. If you're looking for an AIO group, this is the place to go.
What is the Refund Policy?
THERE IS NO REFUNDS. If you believe you deserve a refund, please contact us via discord. We will take it case by case and determine an outcome.
How can I join the discord?
You can join the discord here: https://discord.gg/smokinfnf but you will not have access to the server until you purchase a membership.
Do I get charged after joining the waitlist?
No! You only get charged once you are accepted.
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Amazing community dedicated to helping each other a successful reseller.