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Sourced Betting

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Make sports betting your side hustle

An All Access membership to Sourced Betting's exclusive Discord community grants you access to:

  • Boosts, Promos, and other +EV bets at over 30 sportsbooks
  • Cutting-edge top-down betting algorithms
  • Includes Boosts & Promos tier
  • Personalized guidance from our expert team
  • Monthly access for just $49.99
  • Annual access for just $499

Unlock your sports betting potential today!

Philosophy - We prioritize maximizing bankroll growth through the belief that being accurate is more important than being conservative. This will contrast with strategies that stress reduced variance. However, our philosophy is entirely focused on maximizing dollars won rather than simply showcasing a higher ROI. Our methods will also likely lead to a higher volume of recommended bets compared to competing philosophies.

While we may experience losing weeks and perhaps even losing months, a broader perspective reveals that our expected vs actual all-time results have been quite accurate in calculating fair values and effectively maximizing profit.

Finally, we view this endeavor as a marathon, not a sprint. Both positive and negative variance can stretch across hundreds or even thousands of bets before regressing to the mean. We are driven by continuous improvement, regardless of our results.

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All Access

Official +EV Plays Daily
Our expert contributors post plays that aren't found on odds screens and bots
Boosts & Promos
Our contributors put out plays for every boost and promo we find! You can even request them.
Automated +EV Sheets
Our +EV sheets automatically refresh without thousands of people betting the lines down all at once
Discord Bots
Our bots are consistently getting better and better with the more data we collect
Tracked Profits
We track all of our official plays, including comparing the expected value to actual ROI
Community of bettors
Our contributors and community members love talking about betting. Come join the discussion!
Customer Q&A
Q: What would be the recommended bankroll size to justify spending $50/month on this discord?
A: Thanks for reaching out! We recommend a bankroll size of at least $1,000 to maximize the value of our Discord.
Asked on Aug 1, 2023
Customer reviews
4.9 out of 5
(60 reviews)
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1d ago
Started SourcedBetting about 1 year ago and have profited 90%+ of the months. Sports betting is not easy, but SourcedBetting takes a logical approach with a proven successful track record. highlights of their discord: - easy to follow, simply turn on notifications and bet them - good resources, the experts are happy to explain how to evaluate a good/bad bet. Daryl/PlusBoosts/party are great - awesome community where people post everyday 24/7
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24d ago
Great group of contributors very helpful
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2 months ago
Let me begin this review by saying when I joined SB I was only months into being able to legally bet online in my state, and totally new to the concept of +EV betting. I have grown my bankroll from $1,000 to ~$10,000 between Summer of '23 to Spring '24. Newcomers may find an overwhelming amount of information (bankroll management, Kelly Criterion, 1 way vs 2 way markets, value vs. growth, devigging methods, etc.). It may take a while to parse through but having the resources provided, always available contributors and a strong community base make absorbing this information an exercise that is accelerated if anecdotally comparing to other servers or doing independently. That said, what you can expect in this discord is a combination of contributor verified plays, community plays (while unverified the community plays are accurate and legitimate most of the time), and resources that scrape books to find opportunities - in the way of Google sheets and discord bots. I mention the above because this isn't just a "push, point and click" community like others. While several contributor verified bets - often dozens - are pushed every day, there is even more opportunity on the Google sheets and discord bots. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the contributors are always available for questions, open to feedback, and they are always looking to enhance their product offering. They substantiate their product too, providing a comprehensive results readout on a monthly cadence. They are a fun group too, offering seasonal promotions/giveaways like a NCAA tournament challenge and a 857 Days of Christmas promotion during the holiday season. I fully endorse SB even as a newb and would recommend their product. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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Sourced Betting
Sports Picks β€’ Betting Algorithms

60 reviews

We help people make sports betting their side hustle by utilizing the wisdom of the crowd to identify +EV (positive expected value) bets.