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Stock Dads

(383 reviews)

Do NOT join Stock Dads unless you understand these 3 things; 1. Trading is risky & hard; 2. Success takes time & effort; 3. High quality isn’t cheap.

Day trading is risky, and most day traders lose. Be aware of the risks: https://bit.ly/tradingrisks

The FULL package.

Includes stocks, options, futures, crypto, and sports picks.

What's included?

  • Everything from Stock Dads
  • Everything from Crypto Dads
  • Access to a personal mentor for options
  • Early Access to limited products and services
  • Exclusive Discounts on new products and offerings
  • Beta testing access for new products and offerings
  • Sports Betting and other exclusive channels
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Dad Bundle

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Online course

Stock Dads Academy

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Online course

Futures Dads Academy

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Online course

Crypto Dads Academy

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How It Works Tutorial Guide

Exclusive Analysts
Access to professional, best-in-class analysts that you can't find ANYWHERE else.
Real Time Trade Ideas
Real-time ideas for stocks, options, futures, crypto, sports-betting, and more.
Daily Live Trading
Live virtual trading and educational streams with our analysts multiple times daily.
Mentorship and Roadmap
Mentor guidance through our proprietary Roadmap™ system upon completion of the Stock Dads Academy.
Financial Profressionals
Ask questions to our licensed financial professionals including our in-house CPA, CFP®, and more.
Active and Non-Toxic Chats
Chats that are active and full of supportive staff and community members. Zero tolerance policy for toxicity.
24/7 Support
Full-time customer experience staff members to help answer your questions.
Constant Growth
New features and value added to our community on a regular basis. We never stop evolving as a community.
Customer Q&A
Q: I see live trading in the stock dads discord. How much I have to pay additionally to join in the live trading?
A: Hey there! Live trading is included with our Dad Bundle and Stock Dads subscription. It is not included with our Crypto Dads or Dad Bets subscription!
Asked on Jun 8, 2023
Q: is aceoftrades signals within stock dads?
A: Yes! As of September 1, 2023, Aceoftrades is a Stock Dads exclusive analyst.
Asked on Aug 25, 2023
Q: What is your winrate?
A: This varies week to week and month but most of our analysts maintain 70%-80% win rate consistently
Asked on Sep 1, 2023
Q: Is this a good fit for futures traders?
A: Absolutely, this is suitable for futures traders. We have members who trade SPX and routinely monitor other futures like ES and NQ. This platform caters to both novice and experienced traders, providing tools and insights to improve their trading strategies.
Asked on Jul 24, 2023
Q: Hi, I am from Canada. Is is possible to use a platform like Questrade for trading?
A: Questrade is commonly used by our Canadian Discord group members. They also utilize platforms like TD Direct Investing for its user-friendly interface, RBC Direct Investing for its comprehensive resources, Interactive Brokers for low costs and global market access, Wealthsimple Trade for commission-free trading, and CIBC Investor's Edge for competitive fees and research tools. Choose the trading platform that aligns best with your individual needs and trading style.
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Customer reviews
4.84 out of 5
(383 reviews)
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4 days ago
Been with stock dads since the Max trading merge…. Man this place is the real deal… anytime you have issues lesrdog and callen and king daddy or whatever is on it…. BOOTS and Sean out my boyz! Ace, FUZZ and Duke are the s$$$t! This place is awesome! When it comes to having trading friends I literally have zero, nobody around me believes in this AT ALL! This discord is the only legit info/ friends I have in the world of trading world…. Most important they out their integrity first, this showed with how quickly they got rid of a bad egg… it zero games, like Max there was no BS promised, they will eat steaks but won’t flash some stupid car and promise instant success. (Even though you could if you save up 10k and follow any trader play by play). Place place is legit and if I could give the staff more stars I would!
User avatar
6 days ago
This is a place to be for serious traders. Daddy's home. When you wanna go ahead with selling options strategies, you have THE analysts to follow and learn from. If you want to buy options and trade them, you have THE analysts posting daily and live. If you want to check some futures, you have analysts to hit it with. Crypto? There you go too. Plus, the analysts are highly available and happy to help you with any questions - brokerage, tool setup, risks, technicals...
User avatar
21 days ago
Great set of traders here! From experienced scalpers Fuzz, to reliable swing trader DUKE! I have had a fair easy time being profitable with this discord. Not to mention their customer service is excellent. I had an issue resolved in an unbelievable short amount of time. This discord server is legit!
What's included in the alerts?
We provide real-time alerts for stocks, options, crypto, and sports betting, including the ticker, trade type, ideal entry price, price targets, stop loss prices, and analysts' rationale. Each alert also shares our analysts' personal buy/sell actions and trade outcomes for full transparency.
Do your analysts make all of the trades they alert to members?
Yes! Every trade idea that our analysts share is a trade that they are making with their own money in their own personal portfolios. We lead by example. Good leaders don’t lead others to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.
How many alerts can I expect per day?
The number of alerts you receive will vary depending on the type of trades you want to see, and how many analysts you choose to follow. Your experience is completely customizable, so you can opt-in or out of any analyst’s alerts. An analyst that scalps or day trades will alert a lot more than an analyst who swing trades or invests due to the nature of those trading strategies.
I don’t know anything about Discord or trading. Will this be over my head?
Initially, maybe. HOWEVER, you will be assigned your own personal mentor who can help you every step of the way. We also have the process laid out for you in super simple manner using The Stock Dads Roadmap™ that even the greenest of beginners can digest.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Cancelling your Stock Dads/Crypto Dads account deactivates future automatic renewals. If cancelled during a trial, access remains until the trial ends without further charges. If cancelled during a paid period, access continues until the prepaid period ends, without renewal. If not cancelled prior to renewal date, the membership fee is charged to your credit card. All fees are non-refundable. You are responsible for managing your subscription. Simply leaving the Discord server does NOT cancel your membership, that must be done from your dashboard.
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Stock Dads
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383 reviews

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The official trading Discord of AceofTrades, Ammar, DukeNuked'Em, Fuzz, Chris Cheung, and more exclusive and best-in-class analysts.