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Stock Dads

(294 reviews)

The exclusive trading community of AceofTrades, Ammar, DukeNuked'Em, Fuzz, Chris Cheung, and more best-in-class analysts.

The Stocks and Options package.

Crypto and Sports Betting NOT included

What's included?

  • Daily live trading and real-time alerts for stocks, options, and futures from AceofTrades, Ammar, Chris Cheung, DukeNuked'em, Fuzz, and many other talented traders
  • Exclusive access to the nationally recognized Stock Dads Academy and Roadmap system
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Discord access

SET Stocks, Stock Dads

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Online course

Stock Dads Academy, Crypto Dads Academy

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Website link

Mentor Server

Exclusive Analysts
Access to professional, best-in-class analysts that you can't find anywhere else.
Real Time Trade Ideas
Real-time ideas for stocks, options, crypto, sports-betting, and more.
Daily Live Trading
Live virtual trading and educational streams with our analysts every day.
1:1 Mentorship and Roadmap
Personal mentor to guide you through our proprietary Roadmap™ system.
Financial Profressionals
Access to licensed financial professionals including our in-house CPA, CFP®, and more.
Endless Tools
Real-time option flow, darkpool data, AI alerts, and more.
Active and Non-Toxic Chats
Chats that are active and full of supportive staff and community members.
24/7 Support
Full-time customer experience staff members to help answer your questions.
Customer question & answers
I see live trading in the stock dads discord. How much I have to pay additionally to join in the live trading?
Hey there! Live trading is included with our Dad Bundle and Stock Dads subscription. It is not included with our Crypto Dads or Dad Bets subscription!
Answered 6 months ago
is aceoftrades signals within stock dads?
Yes! As of September 1, 2023, Aceoftrades is a Stock Dads exclusive analyst.
Answered 3 months ago
What is your winrate?
This varies week to week and month but most of our analysts maintain 70%-80% win rate consistently
Answered 3 months ago
Is this a good fit for futures traders?
Absolutely, this is suitable for futures traders. We have members who trade SPX and routinely monitor other futures like ES and NQ. This platform caters to both novice and experienced traders, providing tools and insights to improve their trading strategies.
Answered 4 months ago
Hi, I am from Canada. Is is possible to use a platform like Questrade for trading?
Questrade is commonly used by our Canadian Discord group members. They also utilize platforms like TD Direct Investing for its user-friendly interface, RBC Direct Investing for its comprehensive resources, Interactive Brokers for low costs and global market access, Wealthsimple Trade for commission-free trading, and CIBC Investor's Edge for competitive fees and research tools. Choose the trading platform that aligns best with your individual needs and trading style.
Answered 4 months ago
Will I be able to make all trades from a WeBull account? Not sure if your suggestions will require totally different trading platform etx
Yes, you can! Webull is a crowd favorite in our group.
Answered 5 months ago
Will we be getting Forex option Signals or mostly Stock?
Stock Dads primarily provides signals for stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Although we have many members who actively trade Forex, we do not specifically alert for Forex trades. Our aim is to foster a comprehensive trading community, where members can also discuss and share insights on Forex trading independently, even if we don't provide direct alerts.
Answered 4 months ago
How many trades does this server offer per month on average and what timezone do most of the alerters work in?
This depends on the days and setups but I would say normally between 300-500 for just stocks and about the same for crypto. Crypto is a mix around the clock and Stocks are normally around 9-4 est
Answered 1 month ago
is Ammar Alerts#4917 part of the analysistys?
Yes Ammar is a Stock Dads exclusive analyst!
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(294 reviews)
User avatar
5d ago
This is a great group of people. I'm just over 3 months in and was paying month to month. They just helped me upgrade to a 3 month subscription while allowing me the new customer cyber Monday intro rate, not many places would do that. As for the trading, I'll be honest I'm down 3 months in, but all because of my inexperience not the expert calls being made. I've learned so much and am getting better everyday, make sure to take advantage of the Academy. I'm excited to see what I can do with their help in 2024. Hoosier Pepper has been super helpful with this. I've taken some great trades from Ace, Ammar, Fuzz, and the newer Lady Leverage. I especially appreciate the education from Fuzz and Lady Leverage. Their plays are generally a little easier to get into in my experience. Ace and Ammar can catch some rockets, but you need to be on it fast or you're left behind. Long review, but I had a lot to say. I hope as they continue to grow, they can keep this respectful atmosphere of people willing to help and eager to learn. To me we are all playing against the house(market), there is room for us all to make money and so far I've felt that from all the members.
Purchased Dad Bundle 5d ago
User avatar
5d ago
Best trading community
Purchased Stock Dads 1 month ago
User avatar
19d ago
I cannot emphasize enough how much integrity and atmosphere is important to StockDads. As for integrity, this community actually HONORS Lifetime memberships. I've a lifetime member with analysts and staffmembers for years but I always lurked. I took trades from Ace and PaperSlayer for years but was never active in the chat and for a while was busy during the weekdays with my role in healthcare. After transitioning to StockDads, my liaisons from my Lifetime membership promised me it would be honored in the move, and the transition was done in about 4 button presses. Transitioning to whop was troublesome but I had 4 admins helping me get full privileges, even though two of them have only seen me in chat for a few months. After having been kicked by STOCKUNLOCKED, LLC when the co-owner left without a trace, and was told by that trading community's leadership that my access was revoked because of the name change of the company, essentially, I knew I was talking to dishonorable, greedy people. Mind you, I was an admin with trade alert privileges before my career pulled me away from the charts. I traded with them and learned with them for years. And I have proof of the current owner saying "you'll always have a place here", to boot. They simply did not want to honor my lifetime membership and wanted money. But not STOCKDADS! This is a community of integrity, growth, and brother/sisterhood. We do keep a good atmosphere and an abundance mindset at StockDads. The "learn from your losses" is a place where we encourage people to analyze their intent with the trade, R:R analysis etc, not tear people down. StockFather and other admins behind the scenes will not tolerate sour and salty traders, or people who make slanderous claims against staff without evidence. Bans come with a free T-Shirt xD Yet, the staff at SD treat everyone very well and promote learning from mistakes. As of now there are two live trading voice chats where you can participate and ask TWO coaches in EACH voice chat during the first few hours of the trading day. So whether you like to trade aggressive reversals or wait for a break-and-hold, there is typically a day trading experienced coach with your style, conservative or aggressive. Lately I've been playing with Fuzz & Lady Leverage, but maybe next week I'll play with Ace & Ammar. This is quite simply the best trading community out there, and with the abundance of traders active, you'll certainly find a place to fit in and get the most out of your membership.
Purchased Dad Bundle 25d ago
What's included in the alerts?
We provide real-time alerts for stocks, options, crypto, and sports betting, including the ticker, trade type, ideal entry price, price targets, stop loss prices, and analysts' rationale. Each alert also shares our analysts' personal buy/sell actions and trade outcomes for full transparency.
Do your analysts make all of the trades they alert to members?
Yes! Every trade idea that our analysts share is a trade that they are making with their own money in their own personal portfolios. We lead by example. Good leaders don’t lead others to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.
How many alerts can I expect per day?
The number of alerts you receive will vary depending on the type of trades you want to see, and how many analysts you choose to follow. Your experience is completely customizable, so you can opt-in or out of any analyst’s alerts. An analyst that scalps or day trades will alert a lot more than an analyst who swing trades or invests due to the nature of those trading strategies.
I don’t know anything about Discord or trading. Will this be over my head?
Initially, maybe. HOWEVER, you will be assigned your own personal mentor who can help you every step of the way. We also have the process laid out for you in super simple manner using The Stock Dads Roadmap™ that even the greenest of beginners can digest.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Cancelling your Stock Dads/Crypto Dads account deactivates future automatic renewals. If cancelled during a trial, access remains until the trial ends without further charges. If cancelled during a paid period, access continues until the prepaid period ends, without renewal. If not cancelled prior to renewal date, the membership fee is charged to your credit card. All fees are non-refundable. You are responsible for managing your subscription. Simply leaving the Discord server does NOT cancel your membership, that must be done from your dashboard.
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Stock Dads
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The official trading Discord of AceofTrades, Ammar, DukeNuked'Em, Fuzz, Chris Cheung, and more exclusive and best-in-class analysts.