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A flagship trading system trusted by 47,000+ community members.

Our most popular offering, a trading system founded on the idea that community and one-on-one interactions build stronger traders than static education. Because of this, we've built a massive community of 47,000+ like-minded traders helping each other grow and develop.

PB Premium gives you everything you need to become successful in your trading career through real-time stock alerts, personalized coaching, daily live streams, full access to PB University, and 24/7 access to our 47,000+ member community.

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Personalized Coaching
90% of new traders fail within their first two years, largely because they don't have help from anyone who's made it.
Daily Live Trading
Our members have access to market open live trading, every day of the week, as well as workshops & market events
Integrated Risk Management
We can't control the market, only our risk. A lot of groups hurt people with predictions, but we use what works.
Find Money Making Trades
People are busy, we can work with that. Whether you're a daytrader or investor, our customized coaching system works!
Customer Q&A
Q: What is your average R:R?
A: Great question - utilizing the monthly view, we have routinely generated a 4:1 reward to risk ratio. The beauty of the indicator is that it applies to all time frames and utilizing the sensitivity settings you can adjust based on experience level, and as a result - risk threshold. Regardless of the time frame, the signals are generated based on highest probability setups. You can create a most efficient R:R by also utilizing the dynamic stop-loss puck.
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Q: What is your win rate?
A: You can see the "win-rate" and effectiveness of the indicator by back-testing with any stock chart. For example, adjusting the time frame (to longer time frames like 1W or 1M) & sensitivity settings (to beginner settings) you can generate a higher-qualty signal with a better R:R ratio. TLDR; shorter time frames + advanced setting generates a more short-term trade signal with a shorter runway. Longer time-frames + beginner settings generates longer term and longer runway.
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Q: I was wondering if this comes with a trial date at all to get money back if it’s not what we are looking for?
A: Hi there! We are more than happy to work with our customers if there are technical issues but do not currently have a money-back guarantee in place. How about a 3-day free trial up front to see if you like it instead? Would you mind sending me an email with your TradingView username? I can get you set up in the morning to see if our indicator has what you're looking for. :)
Asked on Jan 21, 2024
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5 months ago
One of the most accurate indicators I've used on both higher and lower timeframes. Automatically shows take-profit/stop-loss in realtime on the chart.
Where can I find the coaching, livestreams, and alerts?
You can find all our alerts on the official PennyBois Stock Alerts Discord Server for detailed instructions in real time
What does the Coaching Program include?
Our veteran analysts teach their "secret sauce" strategy, walkthroughs, livestreams, and more!
What can I expect after joining?
Our team will walk you through everything you need to get started, from navigating the server, to your coaches section.
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PB Alerts is a group of experienced traders dedicated to providing hedge fund quality trade alerts at a more accessible cost. We provide education, livestreams, resources, alerts, and indicators/tools to anyone who wants to provide financial opportunities for themselves.