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Customer Q&A
Q: hello what do you mean by live voice trades, does it means no screen sharing? also do your share your exact entry tp and sl?
A: Hello, we do share screen and show exactly what we are looking at and our exact entries, TP and SL. On top of screen sharing we notify trades through voice and text channels.
Asked on May 2, 2024
Do you post signals?
Yes, our team posts our exact Entries, Take Profit, and Stop Loss along with pictures, as well as calling the trades out in the LIVE TRADING voice channel so you never miss a trade.
Is this community suitable for beginners with zero experience?
Yes! We are very beginner friendly and always open to teaching. We have traders ranging from every level from completely new, to experienced veterans who have put years into trading.
What times do you trade live with the group?
Live trading session starts bright and early right before NY market open. Typically 9:20 am until 11-11:30 am EST depending on intraday setups.
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Swush Trading
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis
Swush Trading was built on the idea of being 100% authentic and showing the realities of trading without the BS and that will always remain our truth. Day Trading is the best high income skill around so why not join the best community around, you are sure to find your edge in the market with Swush Trading.