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TGFX Academy

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Whether your aim is to pass a prop firm challenge and get funded or manage live capital. You're in the right place.

Download our FREE Notion Trading Tracker Template

It has EVERYTHING you need to maximize your trading data.

Trade Journal - The trade journal page allows you to add before/after pictures of your trade, reason for entry, quality of setup, outcome, direction, profit/loss

Trading Goals - Use this page to set Yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals to keep you grounded.

Trading Notes - Use this page to keep track of the 💡moments you have during your trading sessions. Keep them all in one place where you can review on a daily or weekly basis

Trading Plan - Add your specific trading plan STEP-BY-STEP. The more DETAIL the less mistakes when it comes down to trade execution. 

Make sure to add entry and exit rules!

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Trading Journal Notion Template

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Exclusive Live Trading
Joining the TGFX Academy gives you access to Exclusive TGFX Live Trading Streams.
Advanced Education
Gain access to advanced trading education incorporating SMT/ICT ways of thinking.
Private Discord
Automatically join our private Discord with like-minded traders to learn and strategize from.
Trading Content
Access 1000s of hours of educational videos, trading streams, and more.
Customer Q&A
Q: I have never traded before but i am really interested in learning. so is this course good for someone like me?
A: Yes, most definitely! Our course includes beginner, intermediate, advanced, as well as a mastery section. This allows you to start from scratch and completely understand the way we consistently take profitable trades using our 1 minute entry protocol.
Asked on Mar 16, 2024
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5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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3 months ago
I 100% recommend taking the course. It improved my trading tremendously.
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4 months ago
I have been a part of a few trading communities , but none are quite like TGFX . Gaining access to TGFX is the one decision i have made so far in my trading journey that has had the biggest benefit . You will find Beginner , intermediate, advanced learning and then inner market mastery containing hours and hours of in depth video explanations of how to understand the behaviour of the markets . when not to trade , when to trade and how to trade . Ray articulates his great knowledge and understanding so calmly in his videos that absorbing all this becomes a joy and he has a way of explaining all this detail as simply as can be . With this access you can fit your learning around your free time , and questions you might have Ray and Jordan are always around to answer any you might have they are both very active in the community . If you couple this with the TGFX Live Trade Room , you can take what you have learned so far and watch Ray and Jordan trade live using the knowledge taught in the videos , but with the added benefit of hearing the thought process behind every candle , entry , and tp . if your serious and this trading game I without question recommend TGFX as the best place to realise your potential , i wish i had found Ray at the start of my journey but just thankful that i did .
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5 months ago
Been following these guys for a couple years and love what they have done for the trading community and all the hard work they put in to help others learn. They are evolving with the time by updating the techniques used and share them with us immediately. TGFX is definitely a great place to be to learn because they trade live in front of your face. Full transparency and they have been making that better as time does on. making adjustments to suit us learning more. They have great response times to question or concerns. All around class acts.
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TGFX Academy
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5 reviews

Trade alongside us as we execute the strategy in the real-time markets daily 📈 Welcome to the Live Trade Lab! We trade live each day during New York Open (7:30 am to 10:30 am CST). When you join TGFX Live Trade Lab you will gain access to: Exclusive TGFX Live Trading Streams Advanced Trading Education incorporating SMT/ICT Access to private Discord with like-minded traders Access to 100+ hours of education, trading streams, and more Perfect for traders looking for a transparent community