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Thailand Digital Nomad Community

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The #1 Thailand Community. Learn how to move here, stay here long term, and make money online, with an engaged community of 1000+ likeminded members!

Join the #1 Biggest Thailand Network! Don't experience Thailand alone. Immerse yourself in a vibrant network of fellow nomads in Thailand and get access to resources, housing and visa agents, meet-ups, business and work advice, and personal connections!

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Thailand Discord

Get advice on how to travel and move to Thailand.
With upgraded options, you can learn how to make money online through content creation or Airbnb hosting.
Need information and referrals to visa and housing agents? We've got you. Make your visit stress-free.
Community + Local Meetups
Join our discord with 1000+ other similar minded travellers and nomads, and connect with in-person meetups.
Local Insights & Tips
The best spots to eat? The best type of visa? Best area to live in? Best nightlife? We've already got your answers.
Best Way To Reach Paul
Need to connect with Paul Lee (the creator of the Discord and Thailand content creator)? Get priority access here.
Customer Q&A
Q: Can I use the information in the Airbnb Mentorship Program in other countries? Or just Thailand?
A: While the program is specific to Thailand, you can still you can use the strategy and information for other countries as well. The program shows you how to get started, how to research, and find opportunities to rent and Airbnb condos out for a profit.
Asked on May 3, 2024
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(11 reviews)
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2 months ago
This course contains so much useful information. I am new to content creation and Paul's course has helped me learn many new things. I am a beginner to this field, just as the same way with his Airbnb Mentorship, but so far, I have learned a lot. One can never stop learning about new things every day. Thank you Paul.
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3 months ago
Airbnb course/community is worth every cent especially if you’re planning to set it up in Thailand. Alot of key details and insights here not covered anywhere else, meaning you’ll avoid costly mistakes. Overall I highly recommend it.
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3 months ago
This membership is worth every penny. Paul put together a very thorough, yet simple, course which is easy to understand and is honestly worth way more than what I spent. Typically, with courses and communities like this one, the one who created it talks to no-one and you're left to just watch pre-recorded modules, but Paul does a great job with engaging with those who've invested into the community. Overall, I'm very happy with my subscription and I'm fortunate to be learning AirBnB with the others, while also networking with other Digital Nomads.
Can I cancel?
Yes you can cancel at anytime. Upon cancellation, you won't be charged anymore and will not have access to the discord.
Can I pay for a yearly subscription?
Yes, save and purchase a yearly plan for $49.
What can I expect from the Discord?
20+ channels including resources, housing, nightlife, dating, meetups, investing, real estate, and more.
What can I expect from the Airbnb Mentorship Program?
You can expect a fully indepth course on how to start and scale your own Airbnb without owning any properties.
What can I expect from the Content Creator Mentorship?
You can expect a fully indepth course on how to create your personal brand and make up to $10k+ month with content.
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Paul Lee
Life Hacks • Travel

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Paul Lee is an entrepreneur, content creator, and digital nomad living in Bangkok Thailand, spreading the good word about Thailand living.