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The One Leg Bandit Community

''Just a youngin from Maryland , Tryna get it .'' Join The Community!

Join The Community!

Come hang with me and follow the journey! Connect with other hoopers from around the internet, share your experiences, and stay updated with everything basketball.

We keep this server active, come through!

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The One Leg Bandit Community

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I persevered and achieved success as a basketball player, despite standing at a height of only 5'3". My name is Knoah Knowlden and I am a resident of Laurel, MD, circa 2019. At present, I am pleased to introduce myself as Knoah Knowlden, also known as the One Leg Bandit, a content creator and basketball TikTok influencer standing at a height of 5'9", circa 2024. Despite being diagnosed with bone cancer in the 9th grade and being unable to play high school basketball, my family continued to support me in all my endeavors. My friends and I spent countless hours in the gym perfecting my craft, as I had developed an insatiable appetite for the game since the age of 7 or 8. Despite feeling overlooked and like an underdog, I never gave up. I maintained my mental focus and believed in myself throughout the journey. My story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of never giving up on one's dreams. It is essential to dream big and immerse oneself in the journey and process, despite the challenges, failures, and setbacks that may arise. One must maintain a daily grind and not allow doubters and naysayers to destroy their confidence or derail them from their goals and objectives. My strong work ethic, instilled in me at an early age, along with my powerful belief, faith, and conviction, enabled me to overcome struggles and obstacles through hard work, passion, and commitment.