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The MMXM Trader with The OTE Trader

(13 reviews)

#1 Most Influential ICT Educator.

The MMXM Trader's 1st Course: Bread & Butter Approach

#1 Highest Rated ICT Course #1 Best Selling ICT Course of All Time

The course that made ICT concepts easy & digestable to tens of thousands.

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Online course

The MMXM Trader's Course

Educational Content
Gain access to 21+ videos and 6 hours worth of ICT educational content.
Your Path to Funding
Students of the MMXM Traders Course have been funded countless times. (See the proof in our store page images)
#1 Selling ICT Course
The MMXM Trader's Course is the all-time #1 highest selling ICT course.
An A-Z Course
Unlock an A-Z Course on ICT Trading. Friendly for all levels of traders.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hi, what facilities do I get if I subscribe?
A: Hey! My server offers analysis on multiple pairs from forex market. I will livestream 4x a week during NY session, breaking down price action and teaching everyone how to read price action. I do a weekly market outlook on Monday, so we can all be in synch with what the potential movements could be for the week. Further I've alot of educational videos covering all the topics I use personally in my trading. There are chat channels to interact with other members and every livestream is recorded!
Asked on Feb 7, 2024
Q: What's the difference between the 1st course and the new one? Should we get the 1st then 2nd or just wait till the 2nd one is avialable?
A: Course 1 is a complete package with all the core content broken down into easily digestable information. There are a few models in there which you can utilize. Course 2 is an indepth understanding of how The MMXM Trader personally approaches the market with theory on liquidity and price ranges which in Course 1 isn't covered.
Asked on Mar 27, 2024
Q: How we reach you when we have questions for course 2? I’ve bought course 1 from you and honestly I was disappointed with the lack of communication.
A: There will be a dedicated support chat set up for course 2, details will be provided after course 2 release.
Asked on Apr 3, 2024
Q: Is this a one time payment?
A: Course 1 & 2 are one time payments. When the discord server is available, that will be a monthly subscription.
Asked on Mar 22, 2024
Q: When purchasing Course #1, is there also a Discord included, or should this be purchased separately?
A: Discord is seperate, but there will be a live support group chat for the 2nd course.
Asked on Apr 7, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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10d ago
We all know these 2 are the goats of the industry I just honestly didn't think that I was gunna get so much value out of a discord in such a little amount of time. 5 lives a week plus a Q & A, multiple daily updates and all the psychology tips & tricks you need to become profitable. Will quickly become the best & biggest discord in the trading space in no time!! thank you guys for opening to door to us!!!
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22d ago
Thanks for opening my eyes to price action its really incredible
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1 month ago
Awesome mentors , Mr-OTE and MMXM . Full package , learning and trading methodologies to risk management and Phycology
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OTE's Chartlab
Trading • Forex

13 reviews

The MMXM Trader & The OTE Trader's Official WHOP. The MMXM Trader is the most influential and respected ICT educator who has the #1 Highest Rated & Best Selling ICT Course Of All Time. The OTE Trader is a daytrader using ICT concepts with high accuracy. Displayed everyday in his private discord, breaking down price action and livestreaming 4x a week.