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The Olympus Art Institute

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A community where artists can take their skills to the next level, and create the lifestyle they've always wanted.

With exclusive access to The Olympus Art Institute's Membership delve into a world of curated masterclasses, inspiring exhibitions, and a dynamic community of like-minded artists. Whether you're a budding talent or an experienced creator, this membership offers the tools and connections to amplify your craft. Join now and be part of a legacy where imagination knows no bounds.

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Exclusive Community
You will get access to a community of driven artists who all are in a place to grow, network, and collaborate!
Weekly Calls
Every week there is a group call where Winnie himself will teach on the things that made him the artist he is today!
Job Opportunities
Winnie has a network of tattoo shops across the country! This will be a hub of opportunity for anyone looking for work!
Live Critiques
This is a supportive community that encourages growth! Winnie will be providing critiques to people who post their work!
In Person Meetups
There will be opportunities to do work DIRECTLY WITH WINNIE LIVE. No better way to learn than being right by his side!
Exclusive Equipment Discounts
Winnie has worked with companies and got amazing deals on all of his gear! Members of the community will get the same!
We want to be able to give back to the community so we will have giveaways for flyouts, gear, 1 on 1 calls, and more!
24/7 Support
Whenever you have issues there is a dedicated support team to help with anything regarding the program!
Customer Q&A
Q: Just a quick question do we have to attend course online live or I can access when i am free. Asking due to me living in Australia.
A: Yes! All video classes are recorded! So you can go back and watch anytime
Asked on Sep 20, 2023
Q: Will you start at the basics?
A: Hey! The Institute is designed to "meet you where you are"! Meaning, there's a large library of videos, weekly calls, homework given, etc. Whether you're a beginner or expert, it's designed to amplify you and help you level up as an artist, and as a person.
Asked on Sep 25, 2023
Q: Will I be able to sign up for this even in a couple of months?
A: So we are closing enrollment in 2 days! Then we will open again in like 6 months
Asked on Sep 24, 2023
Q: So I am an artist in Virginia and need to finish hours to get my license. Is this a program that is able to help me achieve that?
A: Hey! Absolutely! The institute goes over EVERYTHING that someone needs to be successful. From technique, to technical application, to marketing and branding. It's set up as a collaborative community with weekly calls, feedback on projects directly from Winnie, etc!
Asked on Sep 12, 2023
Q: Can I get the skills with this without doing an apprenticeship
A: Yes for sure!! We go over tons of practical skills for artists on how to improve their craft and the business they set up for themselves!!
Asked on Dec 6, 2023
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6 months ago
Great set up I really like the seamless transaction and look forward to learn from winnie
Question 1: "Why should I choose The Olympus Art Institute?"
Answer: The Olympus Art Institute was made to create an unparalleled artistic journey. With its exceptional faculty, inspiring lessons, and state-of-the-art techniques, The Olympus Art Institute isn't just an educational institution – it's a transformative experience. Whether you're seeking to refine your skills, ignite your creativity, or embark on a new career path, The Olympus Art Institute seamlessly combines these aspirations, ensuring you embark on a journey you'll be passionate about every day.
Question 2: "What sets The Olympus Art Institute apart from the competition?"
Answer: Unlike ordinary art institutions, The Olympus Art Institute, stands out due to our shared commitment to nurturing artistic excellence. We've curated a curriculum that goes beyond the conventional, fostering innovation, and encouraging experimentation. Our dedication to pushing artistic boundaries ensures that with The Olympus Art Institute, you're not just enrolling in a program – you're immersing yourself in an artistic haven that's leagues ahead of the competition.
Question 3: "How will The Olympus Art Institute enhance my artistic journey?"
Answer: Envision a path where every line, every shade, and every creation is elevated by the influence of The Olympus Art Institute. From honing your craft to expanding your artistic horizons, it's your partner in maximizing your creative potential. Whether it's the expert guidance of our faculty, the vibrant artistic community, or the access to cutting-edge resources, The Olympus Art Institute is more than just an institution – it's a catalyst for a life enriched with artistic expression and fulfillment.
Question 4: "Is The Olympus Art Institute suitable for me, even if I'm a beginner in the arts?"
Answer: Absolutely! The Olympus Art Institute is designed to cater to artists of all levels. Our inclusive approach ensures that even if you're a novice in the arts, you'll find our programs accessible and engaging. Our nurturing environment and personalized instruction make your artistic journey enjoyable, regardless of your skill level. Say farewell to self-doubt and embrace an artistic experience that's tailored to your growth and exploration.
Question 5: "What kind of support can I expect after joining The Olympus Art Institute?"
Answer: Your artistic journey doesn't conclude once you join The Olympus Art Institute – it's just the commencement of a lifelong creative alliance. Winnie and his dedicated support team are here to assist you at every step. From guidance on projects to career advice, we're committed to ensuring your artistic dreams remain vibrant and supported. With Winnie and The Olympus Art Institute, you're not merely enrolling; you're joining a creative family that's here to nurture your artistic endeavors.
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The Olympus Art Institute
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Step into a world of limitless creativity with The Olympus Art Institute. Our distinguished faculty will guide your artistic journey, merging traditional techniques with modern vision. State-of-the-art practices and a dynamic artist community provide the perfect environment to hone your craft. Whether you're a budding artist or a seasoned creator, The Olympus Art Institute is where your imagination takes flight. Join us today and let your creativity thrive.