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SHN / RalliRoots Community

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A Reseller Community For ALL!

Our focus, drive and mission is to build a Community bonded together through the passion of creating income for our families that breaks the traditional cycle of a mediocre 9-5 life ✌🏻

With a heavy focus on Amazon, eBay & Walmart, we also focus on other income streams such as WhatNot, Influencer Program, online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, Stocks & More!

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Community & Support
A true place to make friends with fellow Sellers! We are here to Support each other through this journey!
Weekly Zoom Calls
Join our Zoom Calls which will cover ALL topics such as Amazon, eBay, WhatNot,Time Management, Systems & More!
Guides & Courses
No more paying $200+ for new guides/courses on the market! It is ALL included with your membership!
Challenges & Giveaways
30 Day Pushes of Accountability including Sourcing, Listing & Education to help you grow those SALES!
Leads & BOLOS
We love Arbitrage & Thrifting so we share our finds from stores like Ross, Burlington, Walmart, Target, Outlets Etc!
Events & Retreats!
Exclusive Events & Retreats just for our Members! Did someone say...Sellers Cruise?😎
Customer Q&A
Q: If I join with the monthly fee option, will I be able to switch to the yearly option once I find out if this is a good fit for me?
A: Absolutely!
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Q: Will it cover selling on Walmart as well?
A: We have an entire Category just for Selling on Walmart!
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Q: is the "support" via discord? if so will it be monitored/maintained by admins/SMEs?
A: We have a Support Ticket Channel within the Discord and it is monitored by our Staff daily. -Chaz
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Q: Will the community (the $30 one) be limited to a set number? I've been in groups before with 200+ people & it lead to a lot of price tanking on BOLO's
A: We do not have a cap on the Community but we do have a 20 member cap on our Leads Lists.
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Q: Hey, what if I pay for the year and the group stops in 4 months?
A: We will absolutely be around for years to come😊 If worst case scenario happened and we did shut down, of course refunds would be given.
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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4 months ago
This group is incredibly helpful and dynamic with many great resellers providing valuable knowledge
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4 months ago
Awesome group!!! A wealth of information. Professional mentoring & accountability. Great people who care about moving your business forward. Would recommend no matter what stage of reseller you are.
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5 months ago
Amazing community. The motto should be simple...Over deliver. There are so many topics covered. Selling platforms, accountability challenges, fitness challenge, zoom calls, bolos, RA, OA, anything and everything. From newbies up to 20+ year sellers. Sharing knowledge, tips, helping each other.
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14 reviews

Our focus, drive and mission is to build a Community bonded together through the passion of creating income for our family’s that break the traditional cycle of a mediocre 9-5 life ✌🏻