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The Sniper Club

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Become A Sniper!

Join the Club! Follow alongside some of the Best traders in the world as they help and guide you on your journey to become a PRO TRADER

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The Sniper Squad

Sniper Trading Community!
Join a thriving community of traders with one goal in mind! Become the best traders possible!
24/7 Trade Signals
Receive direct trade signals from anywhere around the world so you never miss out on the action!
Sniper Bags
Not sure which tokens look good? Follow a direct trading portfolio from the best traders in the world!
Live Trading Streams
Exclusive live trading shows on Zoom, with Q&As!
Airdrop Farming!
Meet our team of Airdrop Cash so you never miss out on FREE Airdrops!
Feed your inner a degen, with trades directly curated for memecoins!
Deep Dives And Fundamentals!
Learn more about that latest and most exciting projects in the crypto market!
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you do the live trading in various timezones?
A: Hi there, we do have many live sessions during the day in Discord and Zoom
Asked on Nov 13, 2023
Q: can we pay with crypto ??
A: Hi there, yes we do have a Crypto payment option for 3 month access!
Asked on Nov 26, 2023
Q: I only have 50$ portfolio, will this group beneficial for me.
A: Hi there, with proper risk management and full dedication this group will be very helpful to you!
Asked on Nov 27, 2023
Q: If I can't make a live zoom, is it recorded so I can watch it later?
A: Hi! yes the Zooms are recorded and shared on Discord. You will be able to go back and view all previous Zooms.
Asked on Mar 29, 2024
Q: If I can’t afford $99 a month can I pay a one of month and then cancel?
A: Hi! Yes, you can cancel at any time from your Whop account.
Asked on Nov 8, 2023
Customer reviews
4.35 out of 5
(51 reviews)
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21 hours ago
Great support and education.
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2 days ago
love these guys great community
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3 days ago
These are the OG's for me. Since covid, I discovered Ran & Sheldino. The rest is history. Love the community! God bless you all!
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The Sniper Club
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

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The Sniper Club hosts a private trading group on Both Discord and Telegram, built by some of the best traders in the world!