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The Whale Room

24/7 Trading Signals!
Crypto trading signals from some of the Best traders in the world!
Direct Trading Alerts!
Exclusive features that send you automatic and direct notifications of when trades are available! 24/7
Exclusive Institutional Data!
Spot major market moves before they happen through market makers and whales!
Global Community!
Join the strongest community in the world! Chat, trade and learn together!
World Class Trading Education!
Learn how to become the best trader you can be with exclusive trading strategies and education!
Customer Q&A
Q: Would you PLEASE allow me to take the course for FREE. I do NOT have $1999? I have screenshot proof
A: Hi, Sniper School and Whale school are free. You will have to open an exchange account using the correct referral link, and deposit $100. The $100 is there for you to trade with.
Asked on Feb 3, 2024
Q: Good day. Will I pay pro rata if I join in the middle of the month? Thank you. Kind regards. Steyn
A: Hi, your payment will come off the same day every month.
Asked on Feb 9, 2024
Q: dmouflet@yahoo.com
A: Hello, how may I help you?
Asked on Feb 3, 2024
Q: Can I have a promo code for Whale room discount?
A: Hello. thank you for the request. We do not have any promotions right now. Have an amazing week further.
Asked on Feb 25, 2024
Q: Hi can we pay yearly subscription with usdt?
A: Hello, our only crypto payment option is for three months.
Asked on Feb 28, 2024
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The Whale Room
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The Whale Room is a group of some of the best traders in the world lead by Crypto Banter's very own, Kyle Doops! We have one mission in mind, create the most profitable community in the world!