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Customer Q&A
Q: Hey, do you also provide stuff for people in Europe? I have some friends from North America who make money in your group but I live in the UK
A: Hey, thanks for the question. Yes we offer calls for events all around the world which includes UK/Europe. You will also be able buy/sell tickets for events in North America despite living in the UK.
Asked on Dec 11, 2023
Q: What platform is your group on? Will I get access to channels and stuff? Where will I find it
A: Our server is hosted on the Discord platform! Everything you need to know including our event channels will be on the Discord.
Asked on Dec 13, 2023
Q: What platform is your group on? Will I get access to channels and stuff? Where will I find it
A: Hey there, thanks for the question bobby. Our server is held on Discord. Once you have a membership you will be brought to a page where you can 'claim Discord access' which will invite you into the group as well as give you the necessary roles needed to access the server.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: Do you guys offer calls for events other than concerts? Like sports or comedy
A: Yes we do. If there's money to be made in a specific sports game or comedy show then we will 100% be adding them to our calls. Thanks for the question!
Asked on Dec 11, 2023
Q: do you guys have access to soccer sports ticket for purchase without being a member of the club ie manchester united?
A: Yes! Sometimes the club presales are generic presale codes in which we will have access too. But sometimes we will need to signup for presales or become a club member in some cases. We don't really go for regular season Manchester games as most of the soccer events we resell are things like Copa America, EUFA Europea/Champions Leageue, and other popular tournaments.
Asked on Apr 8, 2024
Q: Is there a guide or clarification of doubts during the learning process?
A: Yeah we've got multiple guides for different steps of the way. We also offer 1 on 1 support where we can answer any questions or doubts you have regarding anything
Asked on Apr 19, 2024
Q: What are the main apps you use for ticket reselling and can I use my phone if I don’t have a laptop yet ?
A: Using a computer will give you a great advantage, but it is still possible to do this on your phone. I would use the Google Chrome app as this will allow you to use chrome extensions.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024