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Toros Crypto

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Trading and technical analysis community

All the benefits of Crew Membership + Additional benefits.

  • 1 Hour 1-1 session per week.
  • Master your mindset as well as your trading knowledge.
  • Accountability coach.
  • FREE acces to Exocharts for crypto or FREE Funded Account for indeces / forex.
  • Trade and Train bootcamp access, the ultimate retreat for Elite individuals.
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Live Trading Rooms
Live trading sessions on a daily basis where we trade in the moment across a wide range of assets
Educational Content
Thousands of hours of educational content covering TA, trading strategies, psychology, Elliott wave and more
Playbook Strategies
Statistically backed trade setups for beginner and advanced traders. Just follow the rules and you'll be making money
Daily Market Updates
Get the most timely updates on the crypto, stocks and forex markets from our pro traders
Crypto, Stocks, Forex Setups
We plan the trades and trade the plan, tell you exactly how we are positioned in the market
24 Hour Support
No questions go unanswered, we're here to help and we have a great team of supportive traders ready to assist you
Exclusive Resources
Indicators, workspaces, templates and a brand new trading bot at your disposal
Weekly AMA Sessions
Your chance to get your questions answered by our coaches
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3 months ago
So I had been trading for a few years already, mainly with bots and also actively but with way too many indicators 😏 I discovered Toros by chance because they were referenced on the Exo website and joined the community mainly to learn Exo charts, order flow trading and TPO. But what I got was way more than what I expected! The crew is a friendly community where everyone is helping out and focused on learning and getting better at trading. No bs here, no crazy money shots without info, instead everything is geared towards learning to get better. (P) does an awesome job keeping everything running smoothly. The trading rooms are really helpful to craft your own trading plan and help form a bias. The Toros coaches are all A+++ traders
Purchased 3 months ago
What is Toros Crypto?
We are an educational community who's purpose it is to give power to the retail trader and have prove that anyone can become profitable and financially free with the right knowledge, commitment and determination.
Why should I choose Toros over any other group?
We pride ourselves on being a close knit community with full transparency and no FOMO. We are professional traders who have years of experience navigating the market and have seen every trick in the book when it comes to new traders getting rekt. If there is one thing we can assure you of when you join, is that you will become a more patient and disciplined trader and as a result will make far less mistakes. We are here for you and always on hand to answer any questions you may have.
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Toros Crypto
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