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Financial education is more valuable than money

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We're excited to have you join our community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about crypto, NFTs, bitcoin, and trading signals. We believe that sharing knowledge and experiences can help us all become better traders and investors. We have a variety of resources available including educational content, trading signals, and a supportive community to help you navigate the ever-changing crypto and NFT markets. Feel free to introduce yourself and share your trading experience with the community. Please be respectful of others and follow the community guidelines. We're looking forward to seeing you around the server!

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Timely and data-driven crypto market analysis for better trading decisions.
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4 months ago
Its Good, better then other Price is bit high but reasonable i understand the value is good, i hope i grow my portfolio :X
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4 months ago
Took 6 trades from this group and 1 hit SL BE, rest 4 are WIN did many $$$, so far no loss, PS i go through the education channel and learned a lot myself
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4 months ago
Amazing going to continue my membership with it :)
What is the purpose of the TradesIndustry Discord server?
The TradesIndustry Discord server is a community for individuals who are interested in discussing and learning about crypto, NFTs, bitcoin, and trading signals.
What kind of content can I expect to find on the server?
Users can expect to find information and discussions on current market trends, trading strategies, analysis of different crypto and NFT projects, and trading signal groups.
Is there a free channel available for the subscription service?
Yes, we do offer a free channel that includes access to alerts, indicator auto bots, and weekly updates.
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Trades Industry
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62 reviews

Trading educational platform | “Financial education is more valuable than money”