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TuroProfitsProgram πŸš™

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Below is your opportunity to increase your Turo revenue 2-4x and learn from the very best in the business! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Welcome to the TuroProfitsProgram (TPP), in the Diamond VIP tier, you will receive:

  • Dedicated 1-to-2 mentorship opportunities with our founders (Troy/Steven) to discuss our SECRETS that have helped us become a top 1% host and secrets to boost your revenue 2-4x!
  • Access to Troy and Steven's Personal WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Access to TPP's Personal CPA and Attorneys
  • Access TPP's Personal Editing and SEO team
  • Car Rental ideas given by the founders who have a wealth of experience on Turo and in the private car rental business.
  • Learn our strategies with our in-house built courses aimed at beginners all the way to advanced traders.
  • Exclusive live streams hosted by the founders (Troy/Steven) where you can see real-time analytics and insights.
  • An exclusive community filled with hungry and eager hosts around the globe who are looking to learn and beat the market!
  • Meet our Team: Troy (@Turo_Troy) and Steven (@StevenGrows)
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Arrange exclusive 1-on-1 meetings to receive mentorships from our analysts
Get access to exclusive live streams hosted by the founders and see real-time insight on how we analyze the Turo markets
Educational Content
Learn how to research like the founders with our in-house built courses and become independent Turo mentors yourself!
Editing Team
Get access to TPP's exclusive editing team and make your content maximize your revenue!
SEO Team
Get access to TPP's exclusive SEO team and make your description of vehicles and communication with renters 5 stars!
Join a group of beginner-experienced group of hosts who are actively working together to achieve their financial goals!
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3 months ago
Troy and Steven are super experienced and gave me the push I needed to start this up. I only got 1 car which was recommended for 4 months and at this rate I should be able to pay it off in under 2 years. Planning to add another car this year (being conservative). The team is always there for any questions and have always helped me in any situation I gave. Highly recommend to get started in making some side money!
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8 months ago
Troy and Steven are unlike any other and I can't thank them enough!! They're authenticate and straight to the point. The two of them helped boost my revenue from ~$4,400 to over $9,000 in just one month! If I could I would give them 6 stars! Thank you guys! ❀️
Who is Troy?
Troy took over a home services company at 22 and grew it from $30k/mo and 4 employees to over $600k/mo and 120+ employees from 2016-2022. During this time, Troy was hired as a business coach in the home services industry for over 30 markets all over the United States. Troy then began Turo as a side hustle and immediately saw the potential to turn it into a full-time low-stress business. From inception, grew from 1 vehicle to 13 in 6 months and generated over $25k/mo with over a 55% margin monthly. Troy has a passion for coaching and actively coaches Turo hosts, a few small businesses, and high school wrestling.
Who is Steven?
Steven has been doing Turo for over a year now! Before Turo, Steven had been a founder of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses, but wanted to enter the Turo businesses because of his love of cars and found the business to be lucrative! Currently, Steven runs two 6-7 figure businesses while pursuing his dream of becoming a tennis pro athlete!
Can I join if I run a Private Car Rental Business?
Yes! Much of the information that is discussed in the webinars and chatrooms can greatly benefit your private car rental business as well as Turo!
Can I join if I haven't started Turo yet but want to learn?
Yes! In TPP we'll help you get setup better than you could've possibly imagined!
What's your refund policy?
Currently, all sales are final.
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Turo Profits Program
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"What is the Turo Profits Program?" TPP is a hub founded in 2023 by Troy and Steven. πŸš™ We are both Turo Power Hosts making 6-figures a year through the platform and through our private car rental business! πŸ’Έ The partnership began when Troy and Steven became friends through mutual connections. Steven had been doing well, but Troy took his game to the next level and Steven's success proved to Troy that he had cracked the game. Together the two want to share their knowledge! 🧠