Before founding Cajun Koi, brothers Mike and Matty Kenny worked as physicians. While in Med school, both brothers felt their interest veer toward entrepreneurship, and specifically productivity. “Self-improvement changed our lives. We wanted to spread its teachings and message and help others find their own way.” They decided to do exactly that in 2022 with the founding of Cajun Koi Academy, a productivity brand centered around helping students improve their study habits.

When someone signs up for Cajun Koi’s Study Quest package, they gain access to productivity courses, a private Discord community, and Notion templates (a powerful note-taking app) all geared toward improving their study habits and productivity. The genius behind the brand lies in the gamification of hard work. When you study, you’re not grinding out quadratic equations, you’re earning badges and achievements! Changing one's perspective about studying and building consistent habits around that new mindset is at the core of everything Cajun Koi does.


Mike and Matty needed a platform with low fees to support Cajun Koi while margins were tight. They also needed to outsource support questions in order to keep up with Cajun Koi’s exploding customer base. After surveying the landscape, they decided Whop was the best platform to cater to their needs.


The Kenny brothers set up Cajun Koi’s page through Whop’s business dashboard. Discord and Course integrations allowed for seamless access on the customer side, and Whop’s dedicated support handles any questions their customers came across. Having all of the dirty work taken care of affords Mike and Matty the freedom to focus on building their brand!


$14,000+ in monthly recurring revenue

Whop made the checkout and customer service process easier, allowing the Mike and Matty to focus on their core business activities. Now customers can checkout from one place to gain access to all the courses, templates and communities under the Cajun Koi umbrella!

Increased Revenue Retention and Affiliate Income

Hosting Cajun Koi on Whop allowed Mike and Matty to take advantage of 7% savings on each transaction, putting more money in their pocket each month. Additionally, they generated extra income through Whop’s affiliate system, which allows for members to receive rewards for referring their friends.