As simple as the name sounds, ChatsAndBetz is just that – a sports picks community centered around placing well-researched bets and having fun and thoughtful chats. The group was created by Mr Risky and has managed to amass a huge following in just a few years of operation.

ChatsAndBetz is all about making the best of every opportunity you get, and the community’s motto is to “Trust the Process”. What’s this process exactly? A group of professional cappers research all matches in several sports every day and come up with consistent plays for members to follow. Of course, not all of them will hit, but the key is to remain disciplined and diligent, and the edge the group has will eventually show in the long run.

Are you ready to 'Trust the Process'? Read on for our comprehensive ChatsAndBetz review, where we dissect the exclusive group and take a look at what happens in this Discord server. We’ll also discuss what you can expect to get if you subscribe to their services.

Why Join ChatsAndBetz?

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So, why become a ChatsAndBetz member in the first place? For one, they provide a range of daily plays in several different sports and leagues. These include all major American sports, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as soccer, tennis, and UFC. You can even find cricket and golf picks, which are hard to find in other sports communities.

But it’s not just a bunch of random picks with no thought behind them. The team focuses their effort and considers every parameter involved before publishing their plays. Some cappers specialize in particular betting strategies or bet types, like player props or parlays, while others opt for more standard moneyline picks, spreads, or over/under bets.

In addition to their daily plays, the pros at ChatsAndBetz also share a lot of live bets. There’s a dedicated channel on their Discord server with live notifications for plays while the matches are in action. You have to be quick, though, as the odds and lines for these plays can change within a few minutes or even seconds.

The ChatsAndBetz community is growing day by day, with more and more aspiring bettors joining the group. If you like to chat with other members, you’ll enjoy the multiple Discord channels, each catering to a specific sport. The community even has dedicated merch, including t-shirts, hoodies, and caps, if you want to support them even more.

Trust The Process

At ChatsAndBetz, you shouldn’t expect instant gratification. Yes, you might get lucky and hit some bets from the get-go, but that’s not always the case. The community aims to help you maintain consistency and learn to bet rationally. If you put your trust in this process, you can potentially become profitable in the long term.

As mentioned, the ChatsAndBetz Discord server has several professional cappers, each specializing in one or a few sports. Each capper also has a dedicated channel on Discord to make it easier to tail their plays. They put in the hours daily to come up with highly insightful picks based on statistics and matchup analysis. 

They also present their plays in a straightforward manner, with in-depth explanations behind their choices. This way, they ensure you understand what you’re betting on instead of blindly following them, which can lead to you being able to come up with plays yourself in the future.


Another feature you’ll only find at ChatsAndBetz is the dedicated sports sheets. These are in-depth documents with player prop bets on different sports, like NFL, NBA, and MLB, that have performed great throughout the season from a statistical standpoint.

You are encouraged to pick them as straight bets, or even as safety parlay pieces, whenever you see their respective teams playing. Just be careful of any notes a player might have, as well as different factors that might affect their game time or statline. All in all, these are great to get you started if you want to choose your own plays instead of just tailing others.

What You Get With ChatsAndBetz

Here’s a quick rundown on everything you’ll get with your ChatsAndBetz membership:

  • Daily plays on multiple sports 
    Several picks throughout the day on all major sports, like the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and more.
  • Multiple sports cappers 
    A large team of professional cappers, with each one being an expert on a particular sport and having their own Discord channel.
  • Live betting opportunities 
    An active team that scours live matches for betting opportunities and posts them immediately on a dedicated channel.
  • In-depth pick analysis 
    Each play comes with thorough explanations behind the thought process and includes stats and other important factors to consider.
  • A Blossoming community 
    A fun and positive community with new members coming in every day and dedicated chat rooms to discuss each sport.

Picking the Right Package


When you subscribe to ChatsAndBetz, you gain access to the entire Discord server with all features and picks with one membership. To accommodate all customers, ChatsAndBetz offers a few different plans regarding payment frequency.

The standard monthly membership comes out to $65, and you can save a bit by opting for quarterly access for $175. There’s also weekly access to the server for $25 if you just want to try out their services before committing.

If you’re ready to “trust the process”, you can commit to long-term plans, including a yearly membership for $440 or a one-time payment of $600 for lifetime access.

ChatsAndBetz - Take the Chance and Make Things Happen

One thing is clear - the ChatsAndBetz team takes its job very seriously. Every capper puts in a lot of effort on a daily basis to create betting opportunities for members to utilize. All you need to do is trust them and tail their plays consistently.

Join ChatzAndBetz on the Whop marketplace today and take advantage of the opportunity to access highly insightful plays daily. Become a member of a hard-working community full of eager sports bettors all with one goal - the potential for long-term profit!