Welcome to our Use Case series! The goal of the Whop's 'Use-case' series is to highlight ways company owners and entrepreneurs are using our features and platform, to pioneer the next generation of digital-businesses.

This blog highlights how the Whop-hosted company, FRL Bets was able to setup a paid Discord server using Whop, and how they quickly capitalized on viral social media marketing to create a 7-figure subscription business.


In the fall of 2022, Jamarseo and Julio were working as a car salesman and at a nonprofit, but they were also really successful sports betters on the side. As both friends started to gain followings on Twitter with viral betting slips, they received more and more requests for their sports picks on a daily basis.

I started getting people messaging me on Twitter all the time, “hey, you got pics?” and messaging me on different places, different platforms. So I saw that and I was like, okay, well, there's a need for this then.” - Julio

Sensing an opportunity, they decided to capitalize on this interest and start FRL Bets, a sports betting Discord server. Members of FRL Bets get access to Jamarseo and Julio’s daily picks, real time alerts, and get connect with like-minded sports bettors.


With the new Discord community created, Jamarseo and Julio needed a way to monetize access to their community with minimal manual work. That way, they could turn their next big bet slip into sustainable revenue as customers flock to their group.


FRL Bets turned to Whop in order to handle payments for their server access. The two manage their products, customer data, and promo codes through the Whop business dashboard, and have listed their group on Whop Marketplace to showcase FRL Bets to Whop’s millions of visitors.


Oh, man, it went crazy. It really went crazy. [Julio] hit the ticket, and it got shared by, I want to say, Action Network, Bleacher Report and accounts like that. So once that happened, the group just went wild. Everybody jumped in.” - Jamarseo

Since launching on Whop in October, it didn’t take long for FRL to take off. After one of Julio’s slips went viral on twitter, 3,000 people signed up in the span of just 10 days. The group vaulted up Whop Marketplace’s top charts as a result, netting them an additional 450 signups from shoppers there. Fast forward to today and Jamarseo and Julio have successfully created a 7 figure business off of their love of sports. The best part? They get to focus on the picks, while Whop handles all of the boring stuff.

👉Check out FRL Bets here