It’s not easy to make a living gambling. No one knows this better than 28 year old Larry Locks, founder of Larry’s Lounge, an online community of more than 6,800 that share a common passion: sports betting. With a monthly revenue stream over $300,000 and lifetime earnings over a million, Larry’s Lounge is one of the fastest growing hangouts in the online sports bettor community.

Humble Beginnings

It wasn’t always winnings for Larry. As recently as a year or two ago, the online sports was only a fraction of its current size. Larry remembers the struggles of trying to make it: “You start a random Twitter account, literally with zero followers, you’re doing well, and then you start failing. And you’re putting you’re all into it, and its going well and then you fail again.” After years spent drumming up his own following, Larry started something small, and after making a decision to join another group, he realized he had do it himself.

Building a Team

The first step was reuniting with his longtime friend and gambling partner, Tommy. “It sounds kind of funny, but Tommy and I had a conversation, and it was like ’I miss you, you miss me, let’s run it the f*** up.’” He likens their relationship to that of Lebron and Wade, except on any given night, either can be Lebron. With the superstars in place, Larry needed role-players. Craig, one of Larry’s first one hundred Twitter followers, handles UFC. His cousin Funk deals in what Larry describes as “degenerate midday soccer stuff.” "Gayforgambling", the first guy Larry brought in masters in NBA parlays, an essential sector in sports betting due to the volume of games to bet on. “Everyone’s in their own lane crushing it,” Larry says.

Focusing on Sports

Initially, Larry served as the primary point of contact for members, addressing frustrating issues such as payments and sign-ups. Realizing the shortcomings of his existing tools, and wanting to turn his focus back to the sports, Larry sought an automated solution capable of handling payments, customer service, and community management. Whop handles access to Larry’s server, adding new users and managing roles of existing users. They’ve taken over community management, solving trivial issues related to membership and billing. Perhaps most significantly, Whop’s platform has exposed thousands of users to the Lounge through their marketplace, resulting in at least 500 additional monthly subscribers who would not have found Larry otherwise. With Whop handling the grunt work, Larry is free to do what he does best.

Larry’s Hot

Now, Larry has gone nuclear. It all started with a four leg same game parlay cooked up with his high school buddies. Since then he has been on a seven day streak, hitting a parlay everyday. The community is exploding and Larry is loving it. “I make people feel welcome and loved; making people laugh, that's who I am. I like to be loved. I want my people to be loved.” More than just a sports betting group, Larry’s Lounge has become a thriving business, a tightknit group chat amongst friends, and an example of the potential of Whop as an all in one spot to run your business.

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