Discord is a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs, gamers, and content creators to connect with their communities and build meaningful relationships. Whether you’re looking to build an engaged community, increase your network of followers, or launch a successful business venture, Discord can be a powerful tool.

But how do you get more members on Discord? It’s no secret that the internet is crowded, and being noticed on Discord can be challenging. You’ll need to get creative and find ways to draw people in to stand out. Here are practical tips to help you get more members on Discord.

1. Promote Your Server

Promoting your server is the first step to getting more members on Discord. Promoting your server can be done in numerous ways, including posting about your server on social media, sending email campaigns to interested parties, and creating unique content around your server.

Always include a link to your server in any promotional posts and content you make. Additionally, promoting your server is simple if you advertise your community through Whop Marketplace.

2. Leverage Your Existing Network

You can leverage your existing network to get more members on Discord if you already have an online presence. Reach your followers on social media and tell them about your Discord server. Highlight the numerous benefits of becoming a member to incite curious individuals to join. You can also ask friends and family to help spread the word and invite their friends and colleagues to join.

3. Participate in Other Servers

If you aren’t interested in participating in other servers, your server will struggle to reach its full potential. By joining conversations and contributing to different communities, you can build essential relationships with like-minded users and introduce them to your server.

4. Incentivize

One of the best ways to get members on Discord this year is to incentivize users. Current and potential members will be drawn to your community if you value their time and appreciate them as individuals, not only as community members.

You can incentivize your audience in various ways, including the following strategic actions:

  • Host contests and giveaways to reward current members and encourage potential members to join
  • Offer discounts or redeemable points that current members can use for rewards
  • Offer coupons tailored to current and potential members
  • Reward participants and loyal members with exclusive content or secret Discord channels

5. Host Events

Special events are a great way to engage your users and get more people to join your server. Host virtual events such as Q&A sessions, game nights, or webinars to give people a reason to join your server and encourage your current members to share details of special events to attract new members.

Platforms like the Whop Marketplace make hosting events easy and reach your target audience from a single platform. The Whop Marketplace allows you to efficiently run campaigns and events to boost visibility for your Discord server.

6. Optimize Your Server

Optimizing your server is vital to ensuring that your members have a great experience. Thankfully, optimizing your Discord server isn’t a complicated process. Consider the following elements to optimize your server.

  • Create a server that is organized and easy to navigate
  • Have separate, helpful channels with clear rules and guidelines for members
  • Use Discord bots for a seamless experience.

7. Monetize Your Server

Monetizing your Discord server through services like Whop Marketplace is one of the best options to get more members. Whop Marketplace has numerous options to monetize users’ engagement and participation to keep your community active. The simplest way to monetize your server is to offer members exclusive access or a VIP section where users can pay to access secret channels and content.

For example, Whop allows you to monetize your server with print-on-demand merchandise integrations to sell t-shirts, mugs, or stickers promoting your server. Additionally, you can monetize your server through Whop by offering subscription tiers for exclusive perks.

8. Track Your Progress

Ultimately, you won’t know how to get more members on Discord if you aren’t sure which areas of your plan are lacking. Tracking your progress and analytics related to your server’s performance will indicate which efforts are paying off and which need additional tweaking.

When looking into your current server analytics, check for metrics indicating which content is most popular with your community members and which channels are most active. Accurate analytics like those collected with the Whop Bot will help maximize your server’s potential.

9. Build Your Community

A welcoming environment can go a long way in helping you get more Discord members. By building a warm and active community, you can encourage other members to communicate and get to know each other, keeping them interested and engaged with your content.

Beyond creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can build your Discord community by remaining active with daily check-ins, numerous channels, and courtesy messages. Additionally, implement and follow the rules and guidelines in your server to ensure that all members feel safe and protected in your community.

10. Keep Your Content Engaging and Fresh

Even your most loyal members will get tired of the same content eventually. While you can create content within your expertise, ensuring that everything you post is unique and encourages the audience to engage is vital. Engaging content will keep your members active and encourage curious audiences to check out your server.

Include images, videos, and other graphics and content to incentivize your audience to interact with your channel. Use different strategies to engage with your content, such as community polls and Q&As.

Get More Members on Discord With the Whop Marketplace

Getting more members on Discord is possible with helpful services like the Whop Marketplace. Combined with your own creativity and hard work, Whop Marketplace can help you build an engaged and thriving Discord community.

Signing up with the Whop Marketplace is simple and worthwhile. No matter your goals are, Whop’s services will help you market your content to the right crowd and make it big doing what you love.

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