Everyone has that one kid growing up that straight up hustled for side cash (I currently work for mine). To his high-school classmates, Tyson Nguyen was that kid. Whether it was selling slime out of his desk or drop-shipping scented candles all over the world, Tyson was making tens of thousands of dollars a month before he could even vote.

Now at just 18 years old, Tyson is skipping college all-together to run his biggest venture yet: SecuredPicks, a paid online sports betting community. Sports betting started as a hobby, but Tyson quickly realized he could monetize his expertise. Tyson made his free betting community pay-walled, and before long he was making $50,000 per month selling sports picks on Whop. “I had to beg my parents [to let me skip college], but once they saw my success they let me pursue business full time.”

Growing Pains

The Secured Picks community grew quickly, and with that came fresh challenges. Tyson needed a platform that could integrate with Discord (the host software for his community), a professional landing page, and low fees to get started. “Everywhere I looked the [landing] pages weren’t good looking, and the fees posed a major challenge.”

Scaling with Whop

Tyson used Whop to streamline payments, with members immediately gaining community access after purchase. The no-code store editor gave Tyson a professional website for Secured Picks in minutes, and Whop’s 24/7 support handled any customer questions for him.

Once his store was up and running, Tyson listed SecuredPicks on Whop Marketplace, putting his community in front of millions of shoppers.

SecuredPicks banner

Smelling the Roses

$500,000 in ARR

Since adopting Whop, SecuredPicks is set to generate over $500,000 annually. With Whop handling both payments and support, Tyson can pour all of his time into his sports picks. The Nguyen’s must be proud!

400+ marketplace signups

At $30/month, SecuredPicks gained an additional $144,000 in recurring revenue straight through the Whop marketplace! According to my calculations, this is approximately 1 billion dollars for an 18 year old. The additional revenue allows Tyson to reinvest into his community and other business ventures (more on that below).

Multiple Storefronts

Secured Picks’ success has lead Tyson to start a second business on Whop! For his new venture, Tyson runs a consulting agency to share his secrets to success on Whop with others.

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