Inflation's hit us all pretty hard, so if you're looking for extra ways to make money, you're not alone. Most people will tell you that you need to pick up a part-time job to add more cash to your bank account, but in this day and age, there are better options out there that'll keep you from burning out.

Instead of going to a second job, you could make money from home. That can mean a second job, but it doesn't have to. You could start a small business, sell digital products, or offer your services for a fee—there are tons of ways. The upside is that none of them involve having to commute.

We've gathered all the best ways you can make money from home in this comprehensive guide. Dive in to start earning today!

45 Ways to Make Money From Home

There are way more options to make money from home than you might think. These options range from small gigs that will get you a little bit of money every now and then to full-blown business ideas that could potentially replace your full-time job.

Without further ado, here's our list of the 45 best ways to make some extra money without leaving the house.

1. Become a blogger

Pinch of Yum
Pinch of Yum is a cooking blog that has tons of recipes and also accompanying social media profiles.

Anyone who has thoughts to share can become a blogger or a website owner, and over time, your hobby can evolve into a source of income. Some bloggers go on to build full-on platforms, and that generates even more income.

There are a lot of ways to monetize a blogging business, from including affiliate links to selling your own products. Digital products do especially well when propped up by a successful blog; for instance, you could be selling cooking ebooks and posting recipes on your blog to generate traffic first. 

Hint: we have a full list of the best digital products to sell if you want some ideas.

2. Write and sell ebooks

sell ebooks on whop

Selling ebooks is a great way to earn a passive income. After all, once your book is written and out in the wild, it'll stay online and keep gathering sales for as long as you want it to!

Once you've written your ebook—and it can be about anything, from cooking to a riveting sci-fi novel—you can publish it on websites like Whop and start getting those sales. You can even combine this with blogging, running your own social media, and sending out newsletters to maximize your reach.

3. Create a Discord community

profit lounge
Profit Lounge is a paid community that helps you start your own reselling business (which you can also run from home).

These days, Discord is so much more than just a place to hang out with like-minded gaming buddies. Massive Discord communities serve as central hubs for groups of people who share specialist interests and want to trade tips or learn from experts. 

Running your own community can include offering tips and coaching, but you can also simply sell access to the group and let people connect in a more specialized way than what free servers can usually offer.

If this sounds interesting, check out our guide on starting your own paid group on Discord

4. Work as a graphic designer

malane newman
Malane Newman offers all kinds of graphic design services on their own website.

If you have an eye for graphic design, you can make money easily without ever having to leave your home. All you need is your software of choice and a computer with an internet connection—the rest is up to you and the people you'll be designing for.

You can design logos, website layouts or assets, make ebook covers, and fulfill special commissions. You could even kick it up a notch and combine your graphic design side gig with selling photos or art that you created yourself.

5. Start pet sitting

Rover lets you sign up and offer your boarding or dog walking services to clients.

If you love pets and they love you back, you're bound to find clients who would love you to take care of their furry friend while they're away. Pet sitting usually means looking after someone's dog or cat for a predetermined period of time, but smaller pets are also pretty common, such as rabbits or rats.

Your best bet for finding pet sitting clients is to advertise yourself through services like Rover or on local Facebook groups.

6. Trade and invest

whop trading
Whop marketplace is home to hundreds of trading communities.

Assuming you have a bit of money set aside and you don't mind risking it, learning how to trade and invest can be a good way to turn your savings into more money. Keep in mind, though, that this can take some time, so it's better to pick it up as a hobby and start small while you find your footing in the world of trading. 

Cryptocurrency, forex, equities, commodities, or prop trading firms—if you're good with finances, all of those options are worth trying.

If you're interesting in trading, check out Whop's trading communities to learn from experienced traders

7. Start tutoring online

Preply is a website that connects language tutors with potential clients.

Whether you're teaching maths to middle schoolers or Java programming to people who want to change careers, there's definitely a market for your skill set if you look hard enough.

Some of the most common tutoring options include languages, music, coding, and tutors who prepare their clients for specific exams, such as the SATs.

8. Try freelance writing

freelance writer
Freelance Writing Jobs is a job board that helps clients seek out writers, and vice versa.

You don't need to write your own blog in order to be a freelance writer, and if you enjoy writing, it can be anything from a way to supplement your income to a lucrative career path. 

Freelance writers can cover lots of different topics, from complex financial analysis to guides on picking the best baby formula; it's all up to the person or company you work with. 

Getting paid for freelance writing is easy—you can just send your clients a quick and simple checkout link with Whop.

9. Start a dropshipping business


Dropshipping lets you sell things that you don't own, don't make yourself, and don't need to store at your own physical location. You essentially act as the middleman between the customer and the supplier.

These days, you don't even need your own website to work in dropshipping, although it's often easier if you do set up an online storefront. 

10. Complete surveys

Prolific is a website that lets you participate in surveys and research studies at competitive rates.

Doing online surveys is a bit of a minefield. You'll find many legit options that can earn you a bit of pocket money, but for every solid survey website or app, there are five that just collect data and never pay.

You won't make millions doing surveys, but it can be a nice way to make money from home if you let your earnings build up before cashing out.

11. Create custom mugs, shirts, and more

Redbubble is a print-on-demand service that lets you sell your art on stickers, mugs, shirts, and more.

To sell branded merchandise, you don't need to physically sew the shirts or paint the mugs—all you need is a good idea and an eye for graphic design. You can create your own designs for totes, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other merchandise, and then utilize print-on-demand services to let customers decide which product they'd like your design to appear on. The service will then handle the printing and the shipping while you get paid for your designs.

Alternatively, you could sell your designs as digital assets and let the customer decide where and how they want your design to appear.

12. Sell make-your-own kits 

uncommon perks
Uncommon Perks offers many make-your-own kits for kids and adults.

Make-your-own kits are growing in popularity, and with good reason. Many people like to indulge in some DIY but aren't quite sure where to start. With a make-your-own kit, you'll be sending your customers a box filled with everything they need to complete the project, along with instructions on how to do it.

You can make kits out of pretty much any project, such as crocheting, cross-stitching, felting, or 3D printing.

13. Make candles

Light My Candle CO sells handmade candles, including soy candles and wax melts.

Making candles at home is a hobby that's loved by many, and if you're among the people who enjoy it, why not start selling your creations? You can do this as a little side gig or start your own small business centered around selling candles. 

Candles aren't the only things you could sell. Small, niche businesses that let you make money from home include specialty teas, essential oils, potpourri, and more.

14. Sell templates

Notion Productivity Kit is a comprehensive Notion template that lets you make the most of the app and up your productivity.

Training yourself to do something that others may find tedious, and then selling the results of that skill, is a great way to make money from home. This is why selling templates comes in handy, and templates are among the best digital products to sell without owning a website.

You could make premade Notion templates, Excel spreadsheets with useful macros and formulas, ready-to-go Discord communities, and more. The sky is the limit!

15. Offer accounting services

account services
Several Facebook groups let you list your accounting services, such as Accounting Job Seekers.

If you have an eye for numbers, there are people out there who are willing to pay you the big bucks to make sure that their accounting is all in order. Especially popular during the tax season, but also needed all year round, online bookkeeping is a good way to earn money from home.

You can offer your accounting assistance through your own website, through online marketplaces, or even through Facebook groups.

16. Become a freelance programmer

boss bot
Boss Bot is a bot that automates futures trading and helps you optimize your strategies.

Software engineering is a lucrative career all on its own, so you might already have a cushy work-from-home job doing what you're good at. But if you want to put your skills to good use without working full-time, there's plenty of demand for freelance programmers.

You can create software to sell and then list it on Whop, create online courses to teach others how to code, or sell your services directly to clients and companies.

17. Start a consulting business


If you're skilled at something that's in high demand, you can start a consulting business and turn your expertise into profit. This can involve leaving the house, but it doesn't have to, although a webcam can be useful if you want to offer video calls.

Consulting businesses operate across many industries, including marketing, SEO, software engineering, IT, and finance.

18. Become an influencer

call to leap
Calltoleap is a popular finance influencer with a following across a few different platforms.

Becoming an influencer is easier said than done these days. The world is saturated with influencers, but if you can carve out a little niche for yourself, or even if you're just a likable person, you can still make it big on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or X.

Influencers can earn money from views on some platforms, but most of them usually utilize all the available socials and monetize what they can. You can use affiliate links or accept sponsorship offers once you've built a following.

19. Offer personal training

personal training
TheissCare offers virtual personal training services as well as wellness advice.

If you're into sports, you can become a personal trainer without leaving the house. Your job will then include creating training plans and hosting coaching sessions over video calls. Some trainers even host virtual classes that many people can attend at once.

As a personal trainer, you can sell your services from home by teaming up with a gym, signing up on freelancing websites, creating your own website, or marketing yourself on social media.

20. Become a virtual assistant

virtual assistant
Zirtual partners clients with virtual assistants who best fit their particular needs.

Behind many successful businesses are virtual assistants who handle a lot of the work. Whether it means talking to clients, managing social media, handling emails, or uploading blog posts, virtual assistants are very useful—and you can become one of them.

Virtual assistants are often paid by the hour or per task. You can find gigs online on Reddit, Facebook, and on freelance job boards.

21. Utilize AI tools

AI hustlers
AI Hustlers is an ebook that can teach you how to leverage AI tools to make money online

We're in the era of AI, and if you jump on that bandwagon early, you might find yourself with a good source of extra cash. AI bots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Gemini, or Midjourney can all be used to generate money.

With the help of AI, you can create useful bots, automation scripts, software solutions, blog posts, and more.

22. Create a YouTube or Twitch channel

YouTube lets anyone post videos or just about anything, including Shorts, which are quick clips like on TikTok.

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a popular YouTuber or a well-known Twitch streamer, you're not alone. Even if getting numbers in the millions of subscribers is very, very hard, you can still run a successful channel that helps you make money.

Niche channels are often the best way to get monetized. Things like pranks and challenges are harder to make a living out of.

23. Rent out a room

roomates helps you find a new roommate to rent out to.

This one is pretty straightforward. If you have a spare room or a guest house, you can rent it out for some reliable money every month. Of course, renting a room comes with the downside of limited privacy, so make sure to vet your tenants carefully.

You can rent out your rooms on websites like Airbnb, Zillow, or Roommates.

24. Online yard sales

Nextdoor is a website that lets you buy and sell items in your local area. 

In-person yard sales are so 90s. These days, you can sell your unwanted items from the comfort of your own home in an online yard sale. This won't always be a sustainable source of income, but it can be—all you have to do is hunt for good deals and then resell them online.

You can list your treasures on the Facebook Marketplace, on Craigslist, or on websites like Nextdoor—but be wary of scammers.

25. Create and sell software

twwet catcher
Tweet Catcher is a Twitter and Discord bot that helps you monitor your servers or accounts.

Selling software might feel intimidating if you're new to the idea of it, but it's really not that hard to teach yourself to create useful software and monetize it. These days, outside of developing your own coding skills, you can even leverage AI tools like ChatGPT for this.

Once your software is up and running, you can sell access to it, update it, and start earning some sweet passive income.

Want to start creating your own software to make money from home? Read our full guide here.

26. Offer your expertise

sailing coach
ISA Virtual Coaching offers online coaching for sailors.

You can make money from home by offering your expertise to those who need it. Services such as online therapy sessions, life coaching, business coaching, sports coaching, or nutrition advice are highly sought after.

Depending on your location, you'll often need to be licensed for most of these. At that point, it's a good idea to create your own website and social media to build up a client base. Alternatively, create a community for your services and sell access to this on Whop!

27. Work as a housesitter

house sitting
TrustedHousesitters lets you look for people who need someone to look after their home worldwide.

If you want to make money at home, but it doesn't have to be your home, you could find work as a housesitter. Whether this is a service you'll be offering to friends and family or a side gig for strangers, you can look after people's homes, water their plants, or look after their pets for a fee.

It's also a pretty sweet way to travel around and not have to pay for hotels.

28. Teach online classes

teach classes
VIPKid lets native English speakers teach children around the globe.

Assuming you're happy to teach multiple people at once and you have plenty of time to spare, teaching online classes can be a viable way to earn money from home. This often involves teaching English to people from other countries, but can also include other classes, such as maths or history.

Teachers are often expected to have a degree and prepare their own curriculum or follow lesson plans provided by the platform they're using to teach.

29. Sell your photographs and videos

Shutterstock lets you list your photographs to be sold as stock photos.

Selling stock photos and videos is a good way to make money if you like snapping pictures - and you don't even have to leave the house. Many popular platforms will let you list and sell your photos, and even the most random pictures can sell, with and without people.

Some of the most popular websites to sell on include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and iStock. Like any digital product, you can also sell photos on Whop.

30. Upcycle and resell


Where others may see an old table that belongs in the trash, you see your next project. If you're able to get something for free (or almost), be it a chair or an old lamp, and turn it into something beautiful, you're not just giving it a new lease on life—you're building a legitimate business.

Upcycling and reselling is a popular way of making money from home. These days, vintage furniture and clothes are all the rage, so it's a good way to combine your hobby with a money-making strategy.

Interested in reselling? Read our list of the best products to resell.

31. Sell digital subscriptions

stock hours
Stock Hours is a subscription service that offers access to an exclusive team of trading experts and forecasts. 

Selling digital subscriptions isn't just a good way to make money—it's a fantastic way to make the money keep coming every month. You can sell subscriptions to a lot of things, from useful communities to online courses to gourmet food boxes.

Some ideas for useful subscriptions to sell from home include newsletters, trading communities, or access to various software. 

32. Become a social media manager

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for people who want to hire a social media manager.

If you have some knowledge of SEO and digital marketing, running social media profiles can be a great way to earn a steady income without leaving the house. Companies and individuals alike will be happy to pay for your social media expertise if you can get them results, such as an increase in follower counts or the number of likes.

Social media managers often run multiple platforms at once, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Snapchat.

33. Create online courses

If you have useful knowledge to share, creating online courses is a great way to make money online. You could be selling comprehensive courses to help budding forex traders, crocheting tutorials, or step-by-step programming guides.

Your course can reach hundreds or thousands of people, and if you keep it updated, it'll keep making you money for a long time to come. You can use websites like Whop to sell access to your online courses and accompanying student communities.

34. Rent out your car

Turo connects people who want to rent out their cars with potential customers.

Why let your car just sit there and collect dust if you're not using it? You could rent it out for some passive income instead. Of course, there are some drawbacks to earning money like this, such as the risk of letting a stranger handle your car or the wear and tear that comes with frequent driving.

Once your car meets all the requirements, you can list it on peer-to-peer rental platforms such as Turo, Getaround, or Hyrecar.

35. Flip websites and domains

GoDaddy Auctions allows you to list domain names that customers can then bid on.

A nice, if perhaps a bit unusual, way to make money is to flip websites and domains. Let's say a new trend emerges; for instance, videos of puppies wearing raincoats suddenly blow up in popularity. Noticing the growing trend, you'd buy and reserve the domain "" before anyone else gets it. You could then resell it at a profit.

Once you have a domain that you'd like to flip, you can list it on GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, or Flippa.

36. Create crafts

Etsy lets you list your crafts and sell them to customers worldwide.

If you're crafty and want to combine your hobby with an extra source of income, you can do this without leaving the house—apart from shipping your creations to customers.

Crocheting, knitting, felting, woodworking… The list is endless. All you need is to get your materials and then start marketing your crafts. You can also make your own online storefront and let your customers pay with Whop Checkout Links.

37. Get a remote job

remote job
Indeed is one of the most popular platforms for finding a new job, including WFH jobs.

If you're tired of the 9 to 5 life (plus commute), you could just get a remote job. While the competition can be pretty fierce, many jobs moved to a work-from-home model during the pandemic and then never went back. 

Some of the most popular WFH jobs include call center and customer service work, data entry, programming, and virtual assistants.

38. Become a game or website tester

user testing
UserTesting is a platform where you can test products and software and get paid for it.

Testing apps, websites, and games is something you can do from the comfort of your own home, and it doesn't even need to be a full-time job. Many companies hire testers on a freelance basis when they have some software that needs to go through rigorous a QA process.

You can look for testing jobs and side gigs on websites such as UserTesting and BetaFamily.

39. Babysitting

Care is a website where you can offer your services in childcare, elderly care, and tutoring.

Most of us have done some form of babysitting at one point in our lives, but when you're an adult and can charge money for it, it's a lot more rewarding than having to look after a younger sibling for free. Whether it's for the occasional night out or as a daily service, babysitting can be a good source of money if you're good with children.

This is a responsible job that will require your full attention, so be prepared to go through an interviewing process and prove that you're prepared to face the challenges of childcare. You can find gigs on Facebook, Craigslist, and similar websites.

40. Work as a transcriptionist

Rev is a platform for freelance transcriptionists who can pick from a list of available jobs.

Transcriptionists convert audio recordings into written documents, making them crucial in fields such as legal, medical, and media. You'll need strong listening skills and a solid grasp of the language that's spoken in the recordings.

Sounds good? Check out platforms like Rev, TranscribeMe, and Scribie.

41. Offer voiceover services

voiceover is a platform for both voiceover actors and clients looking for talent.

If you have a unique or pleasant voice and a decent enough microphone, chances are that you can offer voiceover services to make money from home. This includes YouTube videos, short clips, audiobooks, and more.

For many, this is more of a side hustle than a reliable way to make a steady income, but if your voice is truly one of a kind, you might make it big in this industry.

42. Become an editor

The r/HireAnEditor Reddit community lets editors advertise their services.

Now, more than ever, editing and proofreading are becoming highly marketable skills. You could be editing books, articles, or legal documents, checking them for consistency, high quality, and style.

Freelance editors often find jobs on platforms like Reddit, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

43. Sell translating services

ProZ is a well-rounded solution for translators, including forums, term searches, and job boards.

Much like content editing, translation is now largely supplied by AI—but machine translation is far from perfect, which is why many clients and companies still want to work with human translators. If you're bilingual, this can be anything from a full-time job to a part-time gig.

Some of the most popular platforms for freelance translators include ProZ and TranslatorsCafe.

44. Create and sell subscription boxes

Sips By is a tea subscription box

Do you know those fun subscription boxes filled to the brim with themed goodies? There's nothing stopping you from making and selling these, too.

All you need to do is collect items that all fit a theme, for instance, galaxy-themed makeup products or all things Harry Potter, package them up nicely, market them, and then send them out every month.

45. Start a podcast

FlipFlip is an exclusive community centered around reselling and investing which also runs its own podcast.

If you have thoughts to share and a decent microphone, you're all set to start a podcast. There are plenty of platforms where you can publish your podcast, and these days, you can talk about just about anything, ranging from true crime stories to helpful trading tips.

If you're already running a specialist Discord or Telegram community, running your own podcast can be a good way to add value to your subscription service.

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How can I truly make money from home?

Some of the best ways to make money from home include getting a remote job, starting an online business, tutoring, making online courses, and selling digital products. There are also many other ways to earn money, depending on your skills and the amount of time you can spare.

How can I make $1,000 a week from home?

Making $1,000 a week from home isn't easy, but it's doable for specialists, such as programmers, freelance writers, or content creators. You'll have to build your business up and wait a while before you're at the $1,000 mark.

How to earn money without a job?

You can offer your services as a freelancer, such as writing, editing, bookkeeping, graphic design, or web development. You can also sell digital products, such as online courses, through Whop and similar platforms.