If you only have 30 seconds to read this, here's what you need to know:

  • In May, over 1,000 new creators made money for the first time,💰 & over 100,000 new customers made their first purchase on Whop.com
  • Whop app usage is exploding – top Whop creators are moving their entire product offering into Whop Apps to give their users a more bespoke product 🤯
  • Top 2 tips to grow your business - encourage members to stick around with year-long pricing, & grow your community organically by making all of your users affiliates 🌱
Did you know? 80% of users access products from a mobile device – tell your members to download the Whop mobile app ASAP for a waaaaaayyyy better user experience!
Video gif. Man puts on goggles and proceeds to front flip off a diving board into a pool full of money as it splashes out around him.
^ This is you after reading + learning from Whop's May Rundown

Fastest growing companies - new on Whop

These 5 creators started May with $0 and made close to half a million dollars combined by the end of the month:

  1. Weekly Wizdom - cross-asset newsletter
  2. Corporate Landlords Mentorship - build a credit-repair businesses
  3. Faceless YouTube Growth - launch + scale a faceless YouTube channel
  4. Ryan Beats Vegas - sports picks + money management
  5. Smartrader Academy - beginner-friendly options trading community

Fastest growing companies - overall

These 5 creators grew their revenue the most on Whop in May:

  1. Pick Stream (259% growth) - data-driven sports picks
  2. GloJays (2,393% growth) - daily curated sports picks
  3. TJRTrades (32% growth) - live trading, community + mastermind
  4. Profit Insider (236% growth) - live trades, education + community
  5. Suits Commerce (420% growth) - e-commerce course + community

Shoutout to Pick Stream and Suits Commerce for making it onto the leaderboard two months in a row! Save some for the rest of us!

Fight for a spot on the Creator Leaderboard in June 🥊 ! But in the meantime, you don't have to rank on the the top 5 charts to be making $$$ on Whop ...

Here's some stats you should know about how businesses like yours made money in May 🤑 :

  • More than 1,000 new creators made money for the first time
  • More than 400 creators made over $500 for the first time this month
  • Over 100,000 customers made their first purchase on Whop in May

Why are we so excited about Whop apps? Apps let you build out nearly any product you can dream up, or make a wayyyy more user-friendly version of what you've already been selling – which members can now access all in one place!

Creators have started building out their apps, and it's caused some movement in the Whop app leaderboard! In May, the Courses app moved up in the ranks, snagging the #1 spot with over 2,000 downloads from creators like yourself.

^ If you're currently hosting different products on different platforms, you can move them all over to Whop apps so your users can access them all in one place

These are 3 creators that used Whop Apps in May to take their product offering to the next level

1). Run With the Winners - is using the Sports App to post picks, allow users to tail, add promo affiliate links, and send sports pick notifications to users.

🚨 WHOP APP UPDATE ALERT -- in May, we launched a new + improved Sports feed app!! If you offer sports picks, you need to add this app to your Whop ASAP

2) Emmanuel Trades - offers everything in one place: chats in the Chat app, announcements in the Forums app, homework help using Tickets app, live trading posted in the Events app, courses hosted in the Courses app, and his personal website displayed IN his whop by using a Website Embed app.

^ Emmanuel's community trading chat has been popping off!

3) Closer Cartel - has added a Job Board app to their Whop, where they can post positions and hire members from within their own community. Closer Cartel teaches members remote sales, so after members learn from their courses, trainings, live sessions, and resources, they can actually secure a sales role.

^The Job Board app lets you post and/or find jobs within your community

In May, we launched what might be our most exciting creator dashboard yet – Growth Hacks! This page lets you track exactly how much extra revenue you're generating by putting our moneymaking tips into action.

We'll be adding more growth hacks to the dashboard in the future, but this month, these were the two ways our data showed that creators grew their businesses:

1) Optimize pricing with an annual option 🕐

The average creator will gain around 8% more revenue by adding an annual pricing option to their existing prices.

PS this is a real screenshot from a real creator's Growth Hack dash– this stuff actually works!

Why it Works:

  • You can protect against volatility 📉
  • You attract serious, committed, + engaged customers ✍️
🚨 NEW WHOP FEATURE ALERT - Customers can see right on your store page how much they would save if they purchase a longer-term membership!

How to do it:

  • On your "Products" page, click on the product you're selling
  • Click "+ Create Pricing Option"
  • Set your "Subscription Price" and set the "Subscription Period" to 1 year
^ Adding a yearly pricing option is THIS EASY!!

2) Set up Global Affiliates 🌎

Creators who set up Global Affiliates gain around 6% in added revenue – just by turning them on! Let any of your members refer their friends to your product, and reward the referrer once their friend makes a purchase!

A real creator on Whop has made over 19k, just by turning on Global Affiliates 🤯 This could be you! Run, don't walk -- go turn on Global Affiliates for your company now!

Why it Works:

  • Get organic growth from your existing community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  • Affiliates = easy marketing with no upfront cost 🌐

How to do it:

  • On the Affiliates page (under "Marketing" on your dashboard), click on the "Global Affiliates" button
  • Hit "Add reward" for any and all products your members will be able to refer
  • Set your reward (as a % or flat $ amount) for successful referrals
^Set either one-time or recurring affiliate rewards for each product + pricing option

That's all folks!

Now that you're done reading, here's a checklist of 3 things to do right now to put May's learnings into practice, so that they pay off in June 📆 :


1) Stop everything you're doing and tell your members to download the Whop Mobile app – post in your community chat, share on socials, just make sure your members know that they're missing out if they don't have it!!! ✅

2) Add at least 1 Whop App to boost engagement, add value to your product, and/or make a cleaner experience for your users. ✅

3) Turn on Global Affiliates and add a yearly pricing option to whatever product you are currently selling to make some more $$$. ✅