Since golf is not as popular as leagues like the NFL, MLB, or NBA, it’s can be difficult to find a reliable sports picks community for your daily plays. MoneyMillsLocks is community that you have been looking for—an excellent online Telegram channel run by Chris (aka MoneyMills), a golf expert who has been betting on the sport for many years.

Chris recently launched MoneyMillsLocks to share his knowledge and picks with the public, and has enjoyed great success in the past few months. He likes to research every golf pick he puts out extensively and account for all parameters before sharing it with his community. He’s also constantly available to answer any questions and help every member with the betting process.

If you’re looking for the perfect golf community or just want to scratch that golf itch with a few expert picks, MoneyMillsLocks might be for you. Read our in-depth review of the MoneyMillsLocks Telegram channel to see if it’s a good fit for your needs and discover how much it will cost you to join.

Who is MoneyMills?

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Before we hit the teeing ground, let’s learn a bit more about the person behind MoneyMillsLocks. Chris “MoneyMills” is a knowledgeable golf capper who loves the sport and has followed it extensively for many years. He’s also been an active sports bettor for a while, providing his plays on Instagram and other social media platforms.

MoneyMills recently rose in popularity thanks to some longshot golf winners he hit. He appeared on several prominent sports outlets, including Hard Rock Bet, Action Network, and B/R Betting. He decided to launch MoneyMillsLocks to bring his golf expertise to anyone who wants to learn more about the sport or just seeks some highly insightful daily plays.

Top-Level Golf Picks

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As you can imagine, MoneyMillsLocks is a community focused on golf betting. Chris has experience in other sports as well, and may occasionally post a play if he finds it to be of good value. However, the vast majority of picks are centered around golf.

Whenever Chris wants to make a new golf bet, he undertakes hours upon hours of research. He uses his raw instinct combined with all the relevant stats and parameters that can affect the outcome of the game. He also has to decide how much he wants to wager on each play to ensure proper bankroll management.

Some of the daily picks at Money Mills Locks are standard one-unit plays, while riskier bets, such as parlays, usually have a lower advised betting size. Chris also has his daily locks or “hammers”, his most confident plays, which usually have a higher unit suggestion.

Aside from his daily singles and parlays, MoneyMills also provides live bets. He is always looking for high-value picks while the games are going on, and if he finds a good opportunity, he’ll immediately post it on Telegram for all members to follow. He’s also very active during live matches, providing commentary and encouragement on how his plays are doing.

Connecting with the Community

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One important aspect of MoneyMillsLocks you won’t find on most other Telegram channels is the deep connection that Chris has with his members. According to his own members, Chris is a very humble and down-to-earth person who cares deeply about everyone’s bets.

He’s always available to chat, quick to answer questions, and tries his best to help every member understand the entire betting process and how to manage their bankroll. Plus, every time one of his bets hits, he’s quick to celebrate with all members and encourage them to share their winning slips. 

Even though the chat at MoneyMillsLocks is not open to the public, he still engages constantly, providing updates on his plays and cheering for them. He also posts videos discussing the progress of each week and encourages members to not blow their profits on random bets.

All this effort translates to his page on the Whop marketplace being filled with only 5-star reviews and positive comments from verified members. He explicitly asks members not to tip him but instead save their money and leave a positive review if they’re truly satisfied.

What You Get With MoneyMillsLocks

If you’re interested in joining Money Mills Locks, we’ve gathered a quick summary of all the features that you can expect to receive with your membership.

  • Expert golf knowledge
    Access to Chris’ wealth of knowledge and experience in golf, as well as his unique research techniques for every pick
  • Daily golf picks
    A wide variety of golf bets whenever there’s an important tournament going on
  • Frequent live betting opportunities
    MoneyMills is always active when games are played and constantly on the lookout for high-value live bets
  • Consistent support from MoneyMills himself
    Chris likes to engage with members both inside and outside his Telegram community and support them in any way he can

Choose the Right Pricing Plan

moneymills packages

What’s great about Money Mills Locks is that you don’t need to purchase multiple memberships to unlock all Telegram channels. Instead, you only need one VIP subscription to access all Chris's picks. Plus, if you don’t want to commit to a paid membership, you can always try out the service for free and gain access to the free golf channel with occasional picks.

The VIP monthly package costs $250, while the weekly package costs just $99. These prices may seem high at first glance. But Chris targets people with higher bankrolls for his VIP service, and he also has a ton of experience in golf betting, so you’re investing in his knowledge and insights.

MoneyMillsLocks also offers the VIP package for the entire golf season for $1,500, which is basically like paying for a six-month membership.

MoneyMillsLocks – Join the Golf GOAT

Golf fans finally have access to a reliable sports picks Telegram channel and a strong online community. MoneyMillsLocks is considered by many members to be the GOAT when it comes to golf betting, thanks to his years of experience and passion for the sport.

Not only that, he also meticulously researches all his plays and strives to only put out plays he personally bets on. Additionally, Chris is a truly amazing community leader, always available to help out his members and teach them everything they need to succeed in golf betting.

If you want to try out golf betting for yourself or have been looking for a top golf betting community, join MoneyMillsLocks today! Chris and the other members will welcome you with open arms and help you become the best golf bettor you can be.