With a name like Official Picks, you expect this sports Discord server to mean business - and it delivers. Official Picks joined the Whop marketplace in 2023 and has already become one of the top betting communities, with 10K+ members and 450+ five-star reviews.

Official Picks offers daily plays on all major sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as the MLS and eSports. The team consists of six experienced analysts who have spent years in the market and know the ins and outs of the sport that they specialize in.

However, the sports betting Discord server is not just a place to get your daily picks. You can chat with everyone and learn essential sports betting concepts, such as bankroll management.

On top of that, Official Picks maintains a very low membership fee to allow bettors of all levels to join. So, if you're intrigued by this sports community, read more about it in our analytical review below.

A Collaborative Effort

Official Picks is run by a group of veteran cappers with decades of combined experience. This allows them to cover a wide variety of sports while having true specialists in all of them at the same time. It also enables them to consult with each other and utilize advanced betting algorithms to aid them in their picks.

The Official Picks group was founded in 2023 and only consisted of a few cappers at the time, including X (aka “officialxpicks”) and Commando. Since then, the team has expanded and now includes popular names in the industry, like Rackz, Joey, and Juice. Another popular capper who recently joined the group is GoatChef, who also runs his own community called Platinum Slips!

Expert Staff Slips

official picks discord

All these professional cappers have joined forces to create the ultimate sports picks community, with complete coverage and tons of expert plays. Each capper has their own dedicated channel under the “Staff Slips” category, so you can set your notifications to tail the ones you prefer.

Also, every capper has specialized in one or a few sports, including all major American leagues and eSports. They use their experience and insights and put a lot of effort and research into every game so that they can find their most confident plays and post them on the Discord server. 

Their posts often include an in-depth analysis of their research, relevant stats and thought processes, which can be very helpful for those just starting out. They’ll also tell you how many units you need to wager on each play.

Most cappers focus on player prop bets and, more specifically, two-leg parlays of these props on daily fantasy platforms. They use this strategy since it comes with a decent risk-to-reward ratio and can be a great way to slowly build your bankroll. Each capper will often focus on one sport for their parlay, but you’ll also come across mixed parlays with picks from different leagues.

Staff Slips are separate from Community Slips, which have their own dedicated channel where members can post their plays. So, if you spot anyone running hot make sure to tail them and reap the potential rewards.

Betting Guides and Daily Insights

official picks discord player props

Apart from the dozens of daily plays they provide, Official Picks also wants to educate all members on key sports betting concepts. There’s a designated section within the Discord server named “Essentials”, where X and the other members put together some useful betting guides.

They explain the basics behind their plays, like what player props actually are, how their different types of odds work, and what the group’s strategy is based on. Then, you’ll also learn how to find the correct unit size for you and different bankroll management techniques.

The team also details the mental and psychological aspects of sports betting, which are often overlooked. It’s very important to understand how to play the long game and not be swayed by spontaneous bad beats or large win streaks.

In addition to their guides, Official Picks has a unique section with different sports insights. These are outputted using betting algorithms and contain information and stats about a particular play, as well as its odds on various sports betting apps. These tools are immensely useful if you want to learn how to come up with plays yourself.

What You Get With Official Picks

Here is a quick rundown of all the important features and aspects in the Official Picks Discord server.

  • Variety of picks every day
    Find daily player props and parlay bets on all major American leagues, as well as eSports.
  • Large team of expert cappers
    Understand how every pick works from an ever-growing team of veterans with years of experience.
  • Several betting guides
    Learn important sports betting concepts and improve your mental fortitude through the group’s in-depth guides.
  • Essential sports insights
    Utilize insights generated by betting algorithms on how often a certain pick hits and the odds it currently has.
  • Active and vibrant community
    Connect with over 10K+ members and chat in one of several dedicated sports channels about anything you want.

Low-Cost Membership for Everyone

official picks memberships

Another thing that makes Official Picks stand out is its very low membership cost. You’d think that such a thorough Discord server with several expert cappers and analysts would cost a fortune to enter. However, the group strives to make itself accessible to members of all levels and bankrolls by maintaining a low entry point.

The monthly membership at Official Picks costs $24.99, while the weekly package costs $14.99. The lifetime membership is by far the best deal at $99.99. For the equivalent of four monthly subscriptions, you can basically get access to the entire server, with all picks, forever.

And if you’re unsure whether Official Picks is right for you, there’s always free Discord access, which comes with its own free chat and occasional free plays.

Official Picks – Join a Group of Expert Cappers and Improve Your Game Today!

It should be clear by now that Official Picks offers tremendous value for all bettors. You will struggle to find a community with such a high member count that’s so well-organized and full of activity at the same time.

Plus, the group’s professional cappers are always there to offer everyone their top picks and betting tips to help them grow and evolve their game. You can also utilize the server’s educational material, which will help you tremendously if you’re just starting out.

If you want to jump on the Official Picks bandwagon, get your membership through Whop today! Enter a growing online community of eager sports bettors looking to make long-term profits.