Parlays are a tricky bet type to tackle. Most players end up losing a lot of money from placing poorly built parlays with no research behind them. That’s what OnlyParlays aims to change!

OnlyParlays is a sports picks community established by veteran sports bettor JB. He decided to utilize his knowledge and experience on parlay bets and gathered a team of expert cappers to create a parlay-focused sports betting Discord server.

It's not only insightful parlays that you can find in this group. You will also find all kinds of betting strategies at OnlyParlays, including moneyline picks, player props, and spreads. The team of experienced cappers covers a wide range of sports, from popular leagues such as the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, to college sports, soccer, and MMA.

If you enjoy placing a parlay bet then read this OnlyParlays review, where we’ll dive deep into how the server operates and what you can expect to receive with your membership.

Who is JB?

Let’s kick things off with some info on JB, the creator of OnlyParlays. He’s been in the sports betting market for years and got his start by giving his picks on social media. He managed to maintain a decent hit rate, which gathered him a large community of over 150K followers.

Eventually, he wanted to scale up his business, which is when he decided to bring in several more cappers and create an in-depth sports picks community. Thus, OnlyParlays was born. The group has had an explosive trajectory ever since its inception, with thousands of members hopping on the bandwagon.

Parlays Backed by Stats and Data


So, what exactly can you find at OnlyParlays? As its name suggests, JB and his team love a good parlay bet and do their best to come up with ones that have a high chance of hitting. Remember, there’s no guarantee their parlays will hit. But they try to base their approach on stats and data as much as possible to ensure their parlay legs are good value.

And they don’t just focus on large parlays either. In fact, a good number of their daily plays are straight bets or the so-called “bankroll builders”, which are small parlays with low odds and a high chance of hitting. They also have their lottos, which are parlays with extremely high reward potential if they hit. However, you’re always advised to risk only a very small amount on them.

In general, the guys at OnlyParlays are no strangers to professional sports betting. Most of them have been around for years and know how to handle their funds. If you follow their bankroll management advice, you’ll get decent payouts when a parlay hits and won’t be constantly risking large amounts of your bankroll on hail-mary plays.

Your Toolkit to Success


As soon as you join the OnlyParlays Discord server, you’ll be guided to read through the “New Member Toolkit” section. There, you’ll find all the essential details about how the server operates, what channels you should look through to begin with, and how to enable your notifications.

The server is split into several different categories, with everything neatly organized into channels. There’s a dedicated learning section with all the betting terminology and bankroll management tips you’ll need. To avoid cluttered chat rooms, there are also dedicated chatting channels for every sport.

Then there are the “Plays & Analysis” channels, where every capper has their own channel to provide picks and go in-depth on their plays. JB focuses on MLB, NFL, and NBA straight plays and builders, and he also has a dedicated channel for his lottos and live bets. Other cappers specialize in different bet types, such as player prop bets or other sports, like CBB and soccer.

The server also provides a bunch of bots and tools to help you place more educated bets. There are bots for cheat sheets, player data, as well as trends and insights into all major sports events. You can even find tools for trade alerts on all major leagues, as well as injuries and lineup reports that might influence your player bets.

What You Get With OnlyParlays

Here’s a brief overview of all the features the OnlyParlays server offers.

  • Daily parlay slips
    Several daily picks, including parlay bets, straights, bankroll builders, lottos, and live bets
  • Team of expert capper
    Led by JB, the team works tirelessly every day to provide picks and in-depth analyses of multiple sports
  • Beginner tips
    Including essential terminology and a bankroll management guide containing information on unit sizing, allocation, etc.
  • Sports betting tools
    Useful automated bots that provide stats, player data, injury reports, and trade rumors, among others
  • Engaging community
    Thousands of members who actively discuss betting ideas and strategies in the dedicated chatting channels for each sport

Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Options


So, how much will it cost you to enter OnlyParlays? The entire Discord server, including all its features and daily picks, is available to anyone who purchases a membership. So, it basically comes down to deciding your preferred payment frequency.

You can choose the standard monthly package for $40 or opt for the weekly membership for $15. If you want to commit long-term, there’s an annual package for $400, which essentially gives you two free months. There’s even free access to the server, albeit with few occasional plays. 

OnlyParlays – The Only Sports Picks Community You Need

OnlyParlays offers a complete package for anyone looking to take their sports betting more seriously. There are a bunch of experienced bettors giving out daily plays, so you’ll definitely find someone who covers your favorite sports or matches your betting style. You’ll also find tons of information and educational material on sports betting, so there’s definitely something new to learn.

And don’t forget about the community too! Everyone’s very friendly and willing to help out new members. That’s no surprise considering the majority of Whop reviews for OnlyParlays are positive. So, join OnlyParlays on the Whop marketplace today, and let the team guide you to the top!