Whop is home to millions of people buying and selling digital products and services every single day. But what happens when a customer isn't happy with the product they have purchased?

We understand that this situation can sometimes be challenging, for both buyers and sellers. However, our mission at Whop is to create the most intuitive and streamlined experience for everyone involved - which is why we have introduced the Resolution Center and Auto-Respond.

What is the Resolution Center on Whop?

The Resolution Center is dedicated platform designed to facilitate communication between users and creators when a product doesn’t meet expectations. Put simply, it is a way to resolve an problem before it become a larger issue.

whop resolution center

How It Works: For Buyers

  1. Opening a Case: Users can easily open a Resolution Center case from their hub, selecting reasons such as "Product Unacceptable," "Product Not Received," "Product Not as Described," or "Canceled Before Payment." This allows users to directly request refunds without contacting their bank.
  2. Communication: Users describe their issue and can attach relevant documents. Creators are notified of new cases and can respond in three ways:
    • Accept and Refund: The creator issues a refund.
    • Deny the Request: The creator declines the refund.
    • Request More Details: The creator seeks further information to make an informed decision.
  3. Appeal Process: If unsatisfied with the creator's response, users can appeal to Whop. Our team reviews the case and makes a decision, which the creator can also appeal if necessary.

How it Works: For Creators

Feature Highlight: Auto-Respond to Cases
In addition to these features, Whop has introduced a powerful new tool to further assist creators: Auto-Responses to Cases. This feature will help creators automate some of the communication between themselves and their buyers, hence making everything run faster and smoother.

  1. Auto-Refund: Creators can set up the system to automatically process refunds for specific case types, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This allows creators to dedicate more time to enhancing their products and services.
  2. Custom Messages: When an auto-refund is issued, users receive a personalized message from the creator, explaining that their case has been resolved and they have been refunded. This clear and immediate communication helps maintain user satisfaction and trust.

How auto-respond improves the experience for both buyers and creators

The Auto-Respond feature and the Resolution Center are mutually beneficial additions to Whop. For buyers, the Resolution Center offers a straightforward way to resolve issues, ensuring users feel supported and protected. This leads to higher satisfaction and trust in the platform.

On the other hand, creators can better understand users' concerns, reduce disputes, and save time with automated responses. This ultimately fosters a healthier relationship with their audience.

Whop - Helping Users and Creators at Every Point in Their Journey

There you have it - a full run-through of how to use the Resolution Center and auto respond. This is just one of the many features that Whop has help everyone using the platform, at every point in their journey. By bridging the gap between users and creators, the Resolution Center not only minimizes disputes, but also enhances satisfaction, and streamlines the resolution process.

At Whop, we're committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all.