If you want to succeed in sports betting, you can’t just be betting “on a whim” every single time, or you'll bleed money constantly. You need to be consistent, disciplined, and research every play before you wager on it.

But, if that sounds like too much work, then you could just join a sports picks community, like RT Picks! Let the pros take care of the research while you tail their plays.

RT Picks was established by Nathan Le (aka Nate) to share insightful and data-driven sports plays in order to become profitable. Nate and his team don’t promise any surefire wins, though. They just do their best to provide well-researched picks and use proper betting strategies to ensure decent profits when they hit.

Each of the team’s cappers specializes in a particular sport or league, including the most popular American leagues. The group also offers guidance on essential betting strategies, different types of odds, how to tackle them, and what bet types usually have the most value.

Let's take a closer look at the RT Picks community - in this article, we will we share our thoughts on their services and how they operate, as well as outlining what you can expect when you subscribe.

The RT Picks Team

First, a look at who’s behind RT Picks. Nate (Nathan Le), the founder of the group, has been earning money online and teaching others how to do it for several years. He decided to take his passion for finding insightful plays and turn it into a profession by creating RT Picks.

Nate gathered a bunch of experienced cappers, including Ambition and Squintttyy, to help him cover even more sports and betting markets. So far, he has gathered thousands of members and even earned the Whop Verified badge, which is only reserved for the top communities with premium services.

The RT Picks Community


As soon as you join the RT Picks Discord server, you’ll be greeted by the “Announcements” channel, where all important news is shared. You’ll also find the rules that are in place to moderate the server.

Then there’s the VIP area, where you’ll find all the plays from the RT Picks team. Nate’s the most active capper, with daily picks on multiple sports, including the NBA, College Basketball, and other sports, like the UFC. Other members specialize in Football, Baseball, Hockey, and eSports.

The VIP section also includes the “Chat” channel, where all members are free to discuss strategies and bets, share jokes and memes, and generally have a good time. You’ll often find Nate or one of the other cappers in the chat as well. 

The community also organizes watch parties during big sports events, where members join the voice channel, talk about the game, and enjoy it all together. Plus, RT Picks values transparency, which is why they track their bets, as well as their profits and losses, for all members to see. This is more than just a sports picks service - it is an engaging, welcoming community.

A Treasure Trove of Resources

Another important section in the RT Picks server is the “Resources” section. There, you’ll find all the educational material the server offers, with new content constantly added. First, there’s a Betting Guide with all the essential terms you’ll need, so you should definitely look through this if you’re a beginner.

The next thing to study is the Unit Strategy guide, which teaches you all about what units are, why they’re important, and how to determine your own unit size. Unit allocation is crucial for proper bankroll management, as it ensures you maximize your opportunities to profit and minimize your chances for losses.

In addition to the excellent written content, RT Picks provides a few special tools to help people come up with their own bets. The most notable of those is the Props Cash bot, which provides player stats charts and allows you to spot trends and find great value plays. There are also recommendations by Nate on which betting apps and daily fantasy platforms to choose from.

What You Get With RT Picks

Below, you can find a brief overview of everything RT Picks has to offer to all new members.

  • Several daily picks
    Multiple different bets, including moneyline picks, totals, spreads, and prop bets 
  • Team of veteran cappers
    Professional cappers with years of experience offering their knowledge and plays for the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Tennis, UFC, and eSports
  • Essential betting guides
    Lots of educational content on the basics of betting, how to manage your units, and which sports betting apps to choose
  • Exciting community of sports bettors
    Thousands of members who constantly discuss sports, as well as other interests, and participate in watch parties, giveaways, etc.

Finding the Right Plan For You

RT Picks

With RT Picks, you don’t need to purchase multiple memberships to access all the features. Everything is accessible through a single subscription, and you only need to find the ideal payment plan for you.

The standard VIP monthly pass comes out to $50 a month, which is a decent price considering the number of picks and additional content you get. If you want, you can choose to pay on a biweekly basis for $27, which is slightly higher in the long term, but it allows for more flexibility. If you know you’re in it for the long run, the lifetime package for $1,000 is your ideal choice.

RT Picks – Let Nate and His Team Help You Strive for Success!

As you can see, Nate and the whole RT Picks team strive to help every member become a better sports bettor. They spend hours every day diligently studying every match to produce insightful picks. They’re also willing to share all the knowledge and experience they’ve gathered throughout the years, both in the written guides and in direct conversations.

Join RT Picks on the Whop marketplace today and let Nate and the other cappers do all the hard work for you. Become a member of a large community full of aspiring bettors who all want one common thing—the best chance to make their favorite hobby a profitable side hustle.