We’ve all heard stories of people getting into sports betting only to lose their entire bankroll within weeks (at best) or even days (at worst). That’s the exact story of Tyson, the founder of the SecuredPicks sports picks Discord server.

When Tyson understood what lost him all his money, he strived to become better at sports betting. That’s when he formed his research team and began getting deep into stats and analytics to help them get an edge over sports betting platforms.

After building their own system for coming up with picks, they launched SecuredPicks and have gathered more than 50K members ever since. The core purpose of SecuredPicks is to teach something new to sports bettors of any level – from complete beginners to advanced bettors with years of experience.

Keep reading our SecuredPicks review to learn what they have to offer in terms of knowledge, how their betting system works, and what you can expect to get with your subscription.

Why Join SecuredPicks?

So, what is it that makes SecuredPicks stand out in a sea of successful sports picks Discord servers? It’s not really one specific thing but rather a combination of a few different aspects that makes SecuredPicks so popular they have 1,500+ 5-star reviews on Whop.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way: SecuredPicks has an excellent system for researching and providing well-educated picks in multiple sports. The team consists of five veteran cappers with years of experience covering all major American leagues, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. Some even dabble into Esports and the MLS if a good opportunity comes up.

These guys are also great at presenting their picks and plays. Most of the time, you’ll see cappers just listing picks with their corresponding units and maybe one to two lines of text explaining their thought process. 

SecuredPicks does things very differently. They put a lot of effort into showing every single stat, as well as things like matchup considerations, previous results, and form, among others. That way, everyone’s certain their bets have the best edge possible.

Then there’s the excellent community that welcomes every new member with open arms. Everyone is always positive, friendly, and eager to help each other out in any way they can. This can be very helpful for novice bettors, who often feel intimidated when they join a sports picks community and most members dismiss them.

At SecuredPicks, you can talk about and ask whatever you want as long as you follow the community rules and guidelines. Everyone’s purpose is to help other members and beat the books together.

Focus on the Fundamentals

The market is filled with sports picks communities with “unique research systems” or “suspicious/fixed odds”. SecuredPicks takes a different approach to sports betting that focuses on discipline and the fundamentals of the game.

Of course, they will heavily research all their plays and find the best odds possible. And yes, there will be periods of time when they’re running hot with up to an 80% hit rate. But there will also be cold periods when their picks won’t hit as often, despite putting in tons of effort.

That’s where being disciplined and sticking to the fundamentals come into play. These guys strive to teach every single member concepts like bankroll management, unit tracking, and consistent betting. They insist on just a few plays per day instead of pumping out tons of slips to increase their numbers.

If a day looks to be “in the red”, they advise you not to go out of your way to try to recoup your losses. Chances are you’ll probably lose even more. Instead, stick to the basics and be disciplined to their betting system and you’ll have the best chance to become profitable in the long run.

What You Get With SecuredPicks

When you join the SecuredPicks Discord server, you’ll unlock a bunch of features that will help you improve your sports betting game. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s included with your SecuredPicks membership:

  • Huge sports coverage
    Find picks and plays for any major sport or league you enjoy, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. There are also occasional plays for the MLS and Esports.
  • Expert cappers for all sports
    Five knowledgeable cappers, each specializing in one sport, who thoroughly research all their plays and meticulously track their units.
  • Multiple daily picks
    Every day, you get between five and eight plays, including early-morning and late-night picks. Each pick is presented with in-depth stats, matchup analysis, etc.
  • Active and helpful community
    Everyone treats each other with respect and positivity and is willing to answer any questions.
  • Tips for smarter betting
    Understand the fundamentals of how to properly bet, including bankroll management, unit tracking, how many slips to play per day, etc.

Picking the Right Package

SecuredPicks options

To gain access to the entire SecuredPicks sports picks Discord server you just need to pay a subscription fee. SecuredPicks offers multiple plans with different payment frequencies to accommodate all its members.

The standard monthly plan comes out to $35 a month, which is very competitive compared to other similar platforms based on the value you get. If you simply want to try out the premium service, you can opt for a weekly plan for $15.

There’s also lifetime access to the server at $444. It’s a little more expensive than a year of month-to-month subscriptions, so it’s ideal for those certain they’re in for the long haul. Then again, if you’re not sure whether SecuredPicks is right for you, there’s always the free access option, which also comes with one free pick.

Tyson has also created a mentorship program for a little less than $500. He’s broken it down to a few videos discussing in-depth strategies, analysis of the sports betting market, and the right mindset that got him where he is today.

SecuredPicks - Improve Your Game by Focusing on the Essentials

Sports betting is generally very complicated, but sometimes it comes down to mastering a few fundamentals and remaining disciplined. Tyson and his team at SecuredPicks will be your companion to learning everything there is to know about sports betting and becoming the best bettor you can be.

👉 Join the SecuredPicks Discord server today and let the experts show you how to minimize your losses and turn frantic betting habits into a disciplined system. Join a community of thousands of aspiring bettors who all have one common goal: win against the books and have fun doing so!